Sunday, February 25, 2018

I just want you

I know I'll get rejected, but still, I'm putting hope, no matter how little it is, to ask you to be a part of my life, just because you're my best friend. No one cared for me like you do, do you know that? My high school best friend is now residing happily in Japan and rarely talks to me, doesn't even reply my messages. My other friend is clung to her boyfriend 24 hours, surely no time for me. The other one only finds me once in a while, because she said she was too lazy to follow up. 

Every time whenever there is a gathering or event, the first person I thought is you, because I want you to be part of it, because I don't want you looking at the photos later and then regretted it, I know I will. Only 1 or 2 times I know you won't be able to make it because you are not allowed to stay outside until so late. Every time I missed a gathering, I wish I was there. 

You've rejected me so many times, yet I still asked. But this time I'm a little bit more than upset, or should I say I've had enough of it. Aren't you a little bit excited that your friend is asking you out to go out touring with you? I know I did! The moment they asked me if I wanna go on that trip, I got super excited. I'll start imagining all the fun we gonna have, the sweet memories we're going to create with each other, and the tons of photos that we gonna take. 

Every time you have to listen to your mum, your mum says no, then you'll say no. Your mum says men are all bad, then you're not going to find a boyfriend and settle down. For god sake friend, you are 23 years old. You are not underage anymore. For one time, just one time, make a decision for yourself. Don't make decisions based on your mum's opinion, sometimes biased one some more. I'm 24, I told my mum I want to go on a trip with my friend, that's my decision, not hers. And of course, she said yes. Because she knew very well that'll make me happy. Aren't mums supposed to do that? I'm gonna say it here, your mum is overprotective. When is she going to let you grow, you are not going to be by her side forever, one day you'll find love, you'll have your own family, you'll be an independent strong woman. She needs to understand that asap.

Back in 2016 during Miri trip, I was forever grateful to be included in that trip, that was my first trip with friends, and I had lots of fun. You are not much different than our friend Grace, who also has an overprotective mother, both your mother talk non-stop. You both don't have facebook or any other social media account, but's shes even worst, she never understood the connection of friendship. Is that why you delete your facebook? Cause you're too afraid to see all the fun things that you've missed? 

Going on a trip with friends is like one of a lifetime opportunity, seriously if you think we aren't gonna plan our route and just sit in the hotel and then googling info and wasting time and money, then you leave me speechless. Yea right, we're so gonna do that when we reach there.

Some part of your thinking is still back in high school. You may not realize this, but every time we have a gathering, you talk about our high school memories. We've moved on, friend. We're no longer in high school. We are now working adults, some looking for romance, and some are ready to settle down. Face it friend, we've all grown up whether you like it or not. It's time to make your own decision.

You know friend, you are the sweetest and funniest friend that I've ever met. And I'm really grateful that you're part of my life. But I'm gonna be more grateful if you can grow up with us, join us, have fun with us and most importantly, be mature with us. My mum said you're the most 懂事的女孩, none of our same age friends is as 懂事 as you. But if you could add that valuable element together with a bit of openness and growth, you'll be a wonder woman. All of the men out there couldn't wait to take you home and your mother in laws would be happy forever. I just wish we have the same vision, which is to go out explore, have a little fun, find love and travel the world together. I wish your mum could be more open-minded and see that too. 

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