Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy Happy Birthday

I realized that this had become a frustration blog, well that's what my doctor told me to do. Writing it down will make me feel better. Anyhow, this is my first post, let's start something with a little bit positive shall we?

Just wanna say, my 24th birthday was full of blessings and I'm really grateful for it.

Let's start with last year. On the 30th, I was invited by Teh's mum to join her house church year end potluck party, thanks aunty Vivian for ordering the little apams and the cheese tarts.

What a nice warm gathering.

Little apams with blueberry fillings loved by Teh and the children. 
Some of my love shapes changed shape ><!

Various flavour cheese tarts. Blueberry, green tea, chocolate, plain and purple potato.

Thank you for the magic pillow Teh and aunty Vivian! 
Nice catching up with you after a long long time.
I'm sorry I can't make it to your weekly house church meeting, but whenever I'm not dancing, I'll try my best to go and kawan you kay, my friend. Take care of little rabbit.

Next, this time our gang planned something a little bit different for the countdown, something I would say a bit more adult. We had our countdown at Hard Rock cafe. Overpriced drinks and very loud noise. Great new year vibe but not a suitable place for chatting. So we ended up shouting at each other and texting. Fun! It's really great that some of you would take the initiative to jio everyone, and everyone was really cooperative in giving feedbacks on the venue and all that. Kudos to the organizer. I know how troublesome it is to organize this type of thing (that's why I don't really do it anymore). I enjoyed the night. It was my first night out until so late, 3am. But we were very good kids, we hang out at McD after that. No bad things going on just havin a really nice catch up with the bunch, except for one guy who started to talk a lot of crap after two big glass of beer. =) 

I just wanna say thanks to Sharon, Marilyn and Janet for the lovely fruity scent bath set gift. I myself never pamper my body that much. Now I can literally butter up my whole body with that set of indulgence. Thanks guys. 

And the forever generous Mr. Tuang, thanks for the treat. 
You've treated me on 2 birthdays. Thanks mate. 

I had another wonderful meet up with these peeps. Clarice, I gotta say your gift tops it all. I can't believe you found the old teacher's day card with my drawing!!! You should totally keep it you know. It's so valuable, it can't be found anywhere else anymore and thanks for the big ang pao aunty Clarice. That is the most aunty type of gift I have ever received from my same age peer. As for the love birds on the left, I'll get back to you later.

What are the odds that your birthday falls exactly on a toastmaster meeting? Yeap that's right, mine is and I had to give a speech on that day as well. But it wasn't that bad, I ended up celebrating it with these bunch of awesome toastmasters. It was my first! BTW some of these aunties didn't know how to pose love shape.

Thank you everyone for singing birthday song for me. 
When some of them found out that I am only 24, they were shocked.

A simple chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate ganache birthday cake for the baker herself.

Ok, now back to the couple, while I was busy toastmastering and celebrating, sneaky Santa Claus and Santarina drove all the way to my house and tried to drop a present at my front door. When I got home, dad said I got a present! I was like What? Who? How? When? He said ada 2 budak datang, satu laki-laki, satu perempuan, I immediately thought of you two. And my guess was absolutely right! Thank you sooooo soooo much Yee Fei and Josiah for the thoughtful present.

So these are all the wonderful presents I received so far. My mum still owes me one cause she said she's afraid I'm not gonna like the design. *cough* Swarovski *cough*

The little rabbit is a gift from myself, she has a twin which now resides in another house. The pink pillow is from Teh, I called it the magic pillow cause it can change colour when you brush your finger over it. That's the strawberry scent body bath gift set from Sharon, Janet and Marilyn. (it's time to take a bath!) That's 2 cookbooks from Santa Claus and Santarina who also bought me a thousand layer cake. Yum! That's the teacher's day card/drawing that I drew using a computer software 10 years ago (OMG, it's been a decade!). A big ang pao from Aunty Clarice. And lastly Madam Hanaa from toastmaster who gave me the ferrero roche. 

Thank you guys once again for remembering my birthday. I finally knew what it meant by having a blast.

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