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Family Day

Totally forgot to post about this event, Family Day. 

On the 3rd of September, my dad's side family hold a family day, aka Hari Keluarga. We descended from a family line called Sakag Luwing Lingos, SLL. Luwing and Lingos are my great great grandparents. As some of you know, my dad is from Kota Marudu, a small little town located 2 hours from KK. When he announced that this year, our family day will be held at a resort, I got so excited! I mean RESORT! It's been awhile since I step foot on a resort. 

Breezy beaches or cold mountains, tiny comfortable houses overlooking the beautifully design landscape, and most importantly clean toilet. Oh it made my mouth grinned from end to end. For the first time ever, I got so hyped about dad's side family day. This is because, all those previous hari keluarga were held at some kampung houses.

Dad requested me to bake 2 cakes to bring there. That time we were still staying at platinum apartment. So using the limited space, I managed to whip up 2 beautiful cakes.

As usual, we woke up early and departed early in the morning. Stopped by at Inanam to buy some snacks  for my cousin's children, then headed to Tuaran to have a quick breakfast. By the time we reached Kota Marudu town it was 10am++. We stopped at my cousin Velni's house to drop all the things we've packed for them. Things like clothes, computer chairs, stationery, soft toys, books, bags, shoes and my brother's smelly mattress. Yes, our hilux was fully loaded. 

Unfortunately cousin Velni was not around, she'd been to Ranau with her friends. Only her children and her husband were at home. I've mentioned before in my previous post, my cousin Velni, who is only 9 years older than me, has 6 children. The eldest is already 14, and she's as tall as me, she looks just like her mother. After that, 4 of the eldest children followed us to the family day event. They sit at the back.

It was quite a long journey from the town, dad kept getting whatsapp messages and calls from his relatives. He was thrilled, I got exhilarated as well as I couldn't wait to see this so called resort. I never knew Kota Marudu has any resort. We got lost in the middle of somewhere. I really don't know what's wrong with my father, he's one of the committee member and yet couldn't even locate the place.

After awhile of futile searching and frustrations, he decided to ask for direction. It turned out, we were at the wrong junction. 

After many wrong turns, we finally got to our destination.

Tada! This is our long anticipated "RESORT". 

Mum already warned me not to expect too much of a kampung style resort. But it never came across my mind that THIS open air dewan with zinc atap was our meeting place. I was so bummed. Seriously dad? I think you need to change the definition of resort in your dictionary. We later found out that this is actually a taman rekreasi, NOT A DAMN RESORT. There was a river on the right side of this photo, some of the relatives were having a whale of time there. 

This is the cooking area. As I was informed, one kerbau was potong to make our lunch.

While waiting for our lunch, we took photos with my 2 aunts. The one in blue is my youngest aunt, the one in black is my oldest aunt. The second aunt doesn't get along with them, so I rarely see her, well to be fair, I rarely see any of them. Hence till now, I still don't know their names. Couldn't even recognize my youngest aunt.

Dad and the committee member who failed terribly at organizing this event, I'll tell you more on that.

Finally, 放饭咯!As you guess it, all beef. 

The gong.

On the left, mocha cake with chocolate whipped cream and dark chocolate ganache drizzle.
On the right, butter walnut cake with same icing. 

The elderlies get to cut my cakes. That lady with purple hat was NOT one of our relative member. She just crashed the party and even took the present home! Me no likey her. 
No wonder she kept hiding her face with that hat.

So these are my relatives whom I never met or talk to. There were about 100 people before, but many left after the lunch. You know lah orang kampung, sudah makan, sapu pantat bye bye. Thanks to the man in blue colour shirt in the middle, our family day event had an emcee to conduct the flow of the programme.

So let me tell you why was this family day was a huge failure. 
Firstly the venue itself. I think the photo was pretty much self-explanatory. Plus it was too far away, it was located somewhere in the middle of the jungle. Many relatives had trouble going there. 

Secondly, the committee member. When we reached there, we all just sat down doing nothing while fanning ourselves. That zinc atap trapped all the heat from the scorching sun. It was about noon time, lunch was not ready yet. All the kampung folks were hungry. NONE of the committee member did anything about this, including my dad. 

So after awhile, my dad's cousin/my uncle, the guy in the blue jeans shirt in the above photo who just arrived from KK couldn't watch this anymore. He volunteered himself and took charge of the event. He became the emcee. He's not part of the committee member. So instead of letting us waiting hungrily, he asked us to introduce ourselves, one family line at a time. So we did. 

This is from our family line. I've never seen 90% of them.

Little did we know that some of these relatives were very talkative. One family has 1 representative to introduce the entire family. Some of these uncles/grand-uncles got a tad hyped. They talked about each of their children (imagine they have 10 children), where they are working, how many grandkids he has, how old each one of them and so on. The list seemed never ending. It got boring. So my blue shirt uncle had to cut short of the introducing session and told them to just introduce those who were present.

Thirdly, time management. Because there was no one there smart enough(except for my blue shirt uncle) to realize that there was no emcee present. We wasted 2 hour waiting doing nothing. No introduction or entertainment whatsoever. So we ended up pretty late at about 4pm. People are leaving already because of the rain. There were a lot of things could have been done during that wasted time. For example, telling us the purpose of this event, introducing us to our great great grand parents, and who are we to each other. Nope. 

Also our lunch was late. Everyone was hungry. I was hangry.

My stupid dad blamed everything on the missing emcee. He said the supposed guy didn't show up. So I said yea, then why didn't you do something about it? Instead of finding a new emcee or BE the emcee yourself, you were there busy sittin, chillin, chattin with your bunch of useless committee members on the stage. I was already deeply enraged upon seeing the venue and also hungry.  Don't blame your incompetency on some other guy. You are one of the committee member, you should do something about it instead of busy catching up with your relatives. None of us can speak dusun, you speak dusun, you communicate with them.

You know what, I couldn't believe they elected him as the vice president of the committee member for 2018/2019 family day.


You know for the past year, my dad always went to Kota Marudu for his so called family day meeting. So much time and effort spent, yet this was what turned out to be. No organizations at all. Complete disaster. Where are all the planning? What do they talk about during the meeting? They didn't even have a banner. Where was the money used? My dad even said something which made me wanna bum my head on the wall. He said we should print the family tree on the banner next time. What for you wanna print the family tree?! It was already printed on A4 size papers with so many pages because each family has so many children. What you need to print is a big family photo with big big words like "HARI KELUARGA SLL 2017 "

All in all, this family day was nothing but a huge disappointment. I've seen so many successful family day with at least a printed banner. Sadly ours is just not one of em'. Let's hope that the newly elected younger members will gather their kampung brains together and figure out how to improve our next gathering. Seriously don't rely on those older generation members. They only know how to talk cock.

4pm++ we left. It was raining heavily. Some of our relatives who tumpang our car got soaked wet on their way home. We were met with jammed traffic on our way back. I think by the time we reached KK it was already 8pm. We were utterly famished. So we settled our dinner at Lido. We always dine at Lido cause there were so many food choices there. 

And that ends our tiring day.

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