Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Beauty and the Beast 2017

After waiting for 1 whole year, finally, I'm able to be their guest.
Readers, I bring to you: Beauty and the Beast 2017.

Followed by Cinderella's live action movie in 2015, Disney is rewarding their fans with another legendary classic. And again, this was an amazing sight to behold!

Pretty, brilliant, a well known philanthropist who stands for many good causes including feminism, Emma Watson is the perfect cast for Belle and I have love her since Harry Potter series. And I was surprised that she could sing so well. Add another 100 points to Gryffindor! By the way, I think there was a Harry potter reference in the movie. There was a character who says that he couldn't remember what he had forgotten, just like Neville and his remembrall!

I'm having a huge girl crush moment right now. 
Now this is what I call a perfect goddess with beauty and brain! 
Please Emma, don't accept nude or half nude photography from these low standard magazines. 
You earned my respect because you're not like the other celebrities, who are just bimbos with slutty outfits. 

Okay, this is Lefou, the controversial character which almost made Malaysians unable to watch the movie. Apparently, our feeble-minded ministers thought that we would become gay after watching it. So after I watched it, I was like "Seriously? How on earth this could make us go gay? It was just a sissy guy singing." Man, our country is just full of retards.

Aren't these ornaments just adorable? 
Mrs. Pott is Emma Thomson who also starred alongside Emma Watson in Harry Potter. 

Any idea of who is this hottie? He's Dan Stevens, the Beast of course! Behind that furry creature, lies this stunning handsome gorgeous marvelous prince. Shocked eh? I think that he should be given more screen time, even Gaston the villain had more scenes than him, not fair!  His first movie I saw was The Guest, an American action horror thriller. I think I had a little crush on him. Unfortunately he was the antagonist in that movie. Ok that's it, I'm not gonna spoil anymore beans. You can watch it for yourself. In a buzzfeed video he says that he likes red head, unfortunately he is happily married with 3 adorable children, so back off ladies.

My favorite scene. In fact ballroom dancing scene had been and will forever be my favorite scene.
The huge chandelier, the exquisite background, the smooth dance floor, and of course the two main characters swirl across the hall gracefully, it is the most romantic moment of all. 
Nothing can beat that. Period.
This is why I love Disney, they make everything so magical and I'm so glad they did a slight improvement on Belle's dress. It was just perfect. 

The next live action movie will be Mulan and it was scheduled to released in 2018. 
Tang Wei will be the lead actress. 
I hope Disney won't white wash this Chinese themed classic. 
And I wonder how are they going to make the live action version of The Little Mermaid, I mean how are they going to film human talking in the water. Well, let's just wait and see shall we.

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