Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Adult Friendship

I recently read an article about adult friendship and it sucks to know that adult friendship sucks.

There's a reason why I failed to understand why my high school friends no longer the way they were. They are working and I'm not; they are in a relationship and I'm not; they have commitments and I don't. And this is also the reason why they fail to understand mine.

It's just that I felt really disappointed by all the rejections recently, I asked them out to watch a movie, they were not free. I asked them to attend my dance concert, only one agreed to show up. I asked them to pay a visit to our mother school together, they have work.

Sometimes I refused to acknowledge that we are grown ups now, we have different priorities and things going on. However it still hurts so much when my so called friends are not there to support me. I have this upcoming ballroom dance performance, we've been practicing the dance like forever thanks to a slow learning couple. I guess my adult friends are not aware of how this performance is so important to me, and them being there to watch it will mean so much more.

I guess I'm just not that important anymore. All of them have moved on, except for me. I'm still clinging like a hard glue to our past friendship. They have their own circle of friends, they have new co-workers, they have things that I don't have.

You know, sometimes, I envy my brother so much, he and his friends hang out all the time. 1 phone call or 1 whatsapp message and poof, off they go to their usual yamcha spot. Why can't we be like them? Probably guys are much more different, I don't know.

Here I am again, depressed and lonely.        

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