Friday, March 24, 2017

Dance to the core of my soul

Since young, I have always wanted to learn ballroom dancing. My eyes would be brimming with envy when I saw other school mates perform on certain events. So finally, I picked up ballroom dancing lesson last year.

From the first moment I started to move my feet, I felt like my dancing soul had been awaken once again after hibernating for so long. The last time I remembered dancing was on our secondary school prefect night. 

I first learned waltz, a dance which requires gracefulness and a sense of direction, I had trouble grasping the direction at first, but after a bit of practice,  I got hold of it.

Then, I was taught Cha cha, a more lively vibrant dance. I'd watch so many cha cha live performance since young, so this dance kinda evokes so many memories and feelings. Dancing the move feels like, yeah, finally I get to be in their shoes, literally!

The third dance, which I'm currently learning, is Rhumba, it's like a slower version of chacha, but requires more hip movement. Let's get this rusty hips movin babeh! 

I once had a guy partner for a short while, however he had to go back to Sandakan for his culinary internship. So I was a bit depressed when he left. Dancing with partner is much more fun. So guess who become my partner? The teacher herself! Ain't that even better?! An expert be your partner! Thank God so much for this wonderful blessing!

Our teacher, Patricia, is the most amazing person I have ever met. She has been learning ballroom dancing since young. Now a young adult, she's a ballroom dance pundit and became one of the teachers! She's friendly, she's very thoughtful, she's just awesome in every way, in fact I think she teaches better than the other older teacher!

 I adore her so much. She said I'm the fastest learner among other students. Well, what can I say, I'm the youngest adult in my class. I'm competing against a grandma and a pair of husband and wife. That would be a shame if I can't keep up with a grandma right? Other than being the youngest, I also have music background, at least I understand the rhythm of the music, I know how to differentiate between a 3/4 and a 4/4 beat dance and when to start movin those feet. 

However, there are certain truth about me being a fast learner. You see, when you're doing something you really like, you'll learn it in a jiffy with so much less effort. I think that I'm totally in my Element. I'll tell you more about The Element in the next post. It's actually a book on how famous people discover their talent or what they like to do, and when they do, they are in their Element, the book also tells how they use their Element to make their way to success. So wait for my next post!

Talking about other dancing students, sometimes, I wish they won't show up. I know I'm bad, I shouldn't have said that. Cause sometimes, they can be a bit too slow. There are certain lessons I learned nothing new at all because the teacher needs to slow down and repeat the whole thing for them. And there's this guy who missed a lot of lessons because he's a busy busy business man, so we all had to wait for him before we can move on to the next step. It has been 5 months since I learned, and only 3 dances were taught. I really think I could have learnt 2 more dances. 

One thing about picking up a new skill they don't know about is it needs practicing. Just like my music teacher last time, she made sure I practice at least an hour a day so that when I attend her lesson, she wouldn't have to listen to my bad playing. And these students obviously didn't practice. They learn 1 hour, go home, forgot everything, attend the class next week, teacher has to repeat all over again. That's why it can be a wee be frustrated for me. Right now, we are preparing for our ballroom academy anniversary performance. So I really hope the others will attend every lesson, or at least practice at home themselves .

I practice at home at least twice a week, and I wanna thank God that my house is big enough for me to practice those moves. What to do, this is a group dance lesson, so you have to dance in a group loh. I had inquired other studios before, 1 on 1 teaching can go up RM70 per lesson. Yes, you didn't hear me wrong, that would be RM280 per month.   

Curious thing about time, it passes by like a bolt of lightning when you're having a good time. 1 hour is like 10 minutes to me. Having said that, my feet have to rest after an hour, they got very sore after those strenuous spinning and tip-toeing. So yeah, 1 hour may not be enough for the soul, but definitely the feet. Every time the class dismissed, I got a little sad. As soon as I reached home, I was already looking forward to next Saturday afternoon. And whenever I couldn't make it on Saturday because of other functions, I got distressed as well. Can you see how much I have fallen in love with ballroom dancing? From the first day until now, I enjoyed every minute of it. It's the best exercise ever!
Tomorrow is Saturday and I'm happy, because Saturday is ballroom dancing day! 

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