Friday, February 10, 2017

The underlying danger of online shopping

Online shopping has existed long time ago, however I only started to experience the joy of buying (clicking)  stuff online this year. Earlier this year I told my mum I didn't want any birthday presents, I just wanna have a celebratory meal with my family. So she suggested to give me some money and buy anything that I like since she doesn't know what I like. 

So that's how I started online shopping.
My first item was a tripod stand, however I made a mistake, it was too short, and Lazada wouldn't let me cancel my shipment, hence I got this 1 meter plus tripod stand. Barely high enough to take any family photos. My second item is on it's way now.

The mode of shopping has been shifting from the traditional store to online store. With so many tough competitions out there, businessman are selling their product through an online platform, which offers a more cheaper version of the product sold out there as there are no overhead cost. That's why more and more people opt for online shopping instead. Online shopping has become a trend. If you're a businessman and haven't adapt to this mode, you'll might fall very far behind others who had done so. 

So what's interesting about online shopping? It's literally at the tip of your finger.
See what you like, click and voila! You bought that stuff. 
So what's so dangerous about it?

It's easy. Way too easy.

You can keep on clicking and clicking and clicking the whole day. 
There's no end to it, you can browse for goods whole day wherever you are, even in the loo! 
Unlike shopping malls, you can leave after finding the stuffs you want or having sore legs after shopping too much. By the way did you know that there is no clock inside the shopping mall?
That's because it's part of their strategy of not wanting you to realize that you have to leave already. 

There are pros and cons of online shopping, let's see the pros.

1. It's simple and hassle free, just click and wait your parcels to arrive right in front of your doorstep.

2. You can compare up to thousands of the same category products and read their reviews or ratings to help in making decision. 

3. You feel like receiving a present from yourself when your post arrive, and that's quite fun!

Here comes the cons.

1. There is no limit to it, if you're not careful enough with your financial planning, you'll might end up in debts. This is the most dangerous part, you definitely don't wanna fall into this trap.

2. Some of the products may not be what you have seen online. There are so many funny stories of how these online buyers found their products were far from expected, especially clothing. The material, the colour and the size matters! My cousin is also one of the victim.
That's why I will never buy clothes online, plus I'm not a typical lean size lady.

3. You need to pay for shipping fee and wait for your products, some may take a while if it's shipped from overseas. Some of it got damaged during the shipping, and here comes the problem, they are many procedures, refund and all that. Sometimes you are required to pay the refund shipping fee as well. 

So that's it for now, I hope all the buyers out there be rational while online shopping, buy only what you need. There's no wrong to reward yourself occasionally with stuffs you really like especially after working really hard on something. Just bear in mind that, unless you are loaded as Jack Ma, don't buy excessively. 

Happy shopping! 

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