Monday, February 13, 2017

Thanks for the Support

Few days ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook page called Minda. It's a Malaysian organization which helps to raise awareness about mental health. Inside that page, many people are stepping out to share their mental illness stories. I was truly inspired by these people and at that instant, I decided that I wanna be one of them.

I was extremely scared at first, looking at a blank yellow paper (I ran out of white), still doubting if this is a bad decision. Anyhow, the next minute I know, I started designing my words. 

So here is the picture I posted on my Facebook. It took me great courage and a lot of doubts to do this. My heart was pounding out loud and fast when I clicked that post button.
 I've got to say, I'm so proud of myself. 

Little did I know that this post had inspired many other of my Facebook friends, even acquaintance. Likes and loves came swarming in like bees for the past few days. Teachers, relatives, friends and even strangers gave me words of encouragement for my bravery. 214 likes and 19 comments!
I have never received so many likes before in my entire life!

 I wanna thank all of you who have shown your support, I definitely feel the love. 
So here's a bone crushing hug for you all.

People like me who are currently struggling and fighting alone out there, please don't be afraid to show who you are. I was afraid once. Afraid of  being viewed differently, afraid of being called crazy and afraid of getting rejected by the society. However, this post just showed otherwise. I received tremendous supports from people who knew me. Not even 1 negative remarks were given.

Hence I urge you to stand up, speak up about it and receive help and sometimes blessings too.

Click Here to see my story featured in Minda's official Facebook page.

You're still not too late to join the bravery squad. Yes, that's what I called these wonderful people like me for their extraordinary courage. Trust me, it wasn't easy for us to make that decision to let the whole world know about our illness. 

You don't have to have mental illness to support this cause. Just go to Minda official page, post a photo of yourself with some encouraging words, then #ImNotAshamed and #TeamNotAshamedMY. Then tag Minda and Relate Malaysia. That's all.

If you are too shy to do so, what you can do is to educate yourself more about mental health issues.
So I hope you can be part of the cause to raise awareness about mental illness.

Have a great day =)

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