Sunday, February 5, 2017

Kungfu Yoga VS Journey to the West 2

Alright, just as I promised in my last post, I'm gonna write short reviews of Kungfu Yoga by Jackie Chan and Journey to the West 2 by Stephen Chow.

Spoiler Alert!

Between these 2, my vote goes for Kungfu Yoga. So let's start with Jackie shall we.

The story line is very similar to Chinese Zodiac 十二生肖 and The Myth 神话. 
Apparently Jackie is shifting from being a cop to an archaeologist.

Accompanied by an ensemble cast of Chinese and Indian pretty faces, 
Jackie is on a quest to find some mystical artifact. 
They fight, they switch from city to city, then they found the temple. 
They fight again, then the villain realized that the treasure was nothing made of gold but some old manuscript, he got an epiphany,
and............out of the blue, 
all of them including the villain starting to Bollywood dance.
The end.

I was like...what? That's it?????!!!!!

Where's the yoga element?
I was expecting some yoga integrated kungfu!
Not yoga, then kungfu.

There were very little chemistry between these actors and actresses. 
Not even the pretty faces.
However there was one memorable part when Jackie was driving a car with a lion inside.
Their synchronized expressions were damn hilarious.
Oh, I love Jackie bollywood dancing. 

By the way, Aarif Rahman is fiery hot!
Quick fact, did you know that this hot lad's daddy is a Malaysian Arab? 
Which meant he is a muslim. 
Oh, what a shame.

For all these reason, I'll give 3.8/5. 

Jackie, I'm still waiting for Rush Hour 4.

Journey to the West: The Demon Strikes Back by Stephen Chow

Ok, how do I put this, erm....too Alice in the Wonderland? 
The plot is weak, the cast were all changed from the previous one.
Not even Stephen Chow's essence can save the rating.
I almost fall asleep halfway through the movie.
Overall this is a poorly written story. 
I don't think I need to further explain the details of how they fight like anime characters. 
So here it is 2.5/5

Funny how both movies have Kpop boy band EXO members, Lay in Kungfu and Kris in Journey.
I guess popularity plays a major role in casting. 

There are so many Journey to the West movies in these recent years, now even in Korea they have a travel-reality show named after it. It was just too overrated. Movie makers, just... please stop.

In my heart, there will always be one monkey king 
Played by Dickey Cheung in 1996 version Journey. 
You can't beat classic. 

So yeah, that's it for this year CNY movies. 
Won't recommend Journey unless you insist on wasting your time and money.

Happy Chinese New Year! 
Raise your hand if you have gained a kilo!

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