Thursday, December 22, 2016


Spoiler alert!

Make way princesses, a new Disney female warrior is slaying the theater and her name is Moana!

Watching the movie made me wanna go to an island and dive into the beauty of the ocean right away. This movie is literally paradise. Oh Disney, please make more movies like this.

Moana, voiced by talented 16 year old Auli'i Cravalho with amazing voice.

Say hi to HeiHei, it's considered the dumbest Disney's pet ever created. 
It may look dumb but it's definitely funny!
I still think Pua the pig should tag along, Pua and HeiHei make good companies on the voyage.
I just had Heihei satay last night =)

 Maui's face reminded me of an Hawaiian Legend, a true singing legend, Israel Kamakawiwo'olec who sang the famous ukulele version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow. 

Disney is famous for its magical soundtrack. Few of them are my favorites. 

The main theme song. How Far I'll Go.
I prefer Auli'i Cravalho's version.
 Elsa, it's time to let it go. Get the pun?


 Next is "Loimata e Maligi". 
Gotta learn to sing this Hawaiian song. It's just so soothing.

That crab just made me looked up the word decapod.
It meant any of various crustaceans of the order Decapoda, characteristically having ten legs, each joined to a segment of the thorax like crabs, hermit crabs, lobsters, and shrimp.

Oh I just found out there's a scene of the crab Tamatoa after the credits.


You might be shiny but nope, I still prefer the Sebastian coz you're evil!

Can someone please remind me of this scene. Was it deleted? Cause I cannot recall it.

Next in my list : Beauty and the Beast. 
Can't wait to be your guest!

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