Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them

5 years after the last Harry Potter film was released, once again HP die hard fans are feasted with a magical HP spin off - Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them.

Spoiler Alert!

My first thought after watching the movie.
OMG can I have a Niffler?!!!!
I couldn't resist the quirkiness and cuteness of this rodent like creature which responds to shiny stuffs.

Ain't he a beaut?

J.K.Rowling and the entire production team had never failed to amaze me since the first HP movie, Fantastic Beast is definitely no exception. 10/10
And I'm a person with high expectation.

I've seen so many magical movies, non of them can beat any J.K.Rowling's masterpiece.
People say sky is the limit for creativity, well I say Rowling's imagination is infinite.
I don't think anyone in the universe can produce greater work than her.

The poster alone is damn wicked!

The cinematography, cast, plot, everything, it's just too overwhelming for a pottermore like me.
I was completely immersed in the story as if I was in there.

The story started off with a few escaped creatures on the loose, and the key characters are on the pursuit to find them. Some of the beast are adorable like the Niffler, some require certain embarrassing actions to catch them like the Erumpent, and some are very useful like a Bowtruckle, a stick insect like creature which unlocked Newt's chain during a crucial moment.

Then we have some deadly creatures as well.
Instead of an acromantula or a basilisk, there's obscurus which is the dark element of this movie.
It looks kinda like a dementor.

As you watch the movie, you'll notice there are a few differences between the American and British wizarding world, like no-maj vs muggles, Ilvermony vs Hogwarts (still the best school), and MACUSA vs Ministry of Magic.

Out of all the key characters in Fantastic Beast, I particularly like Jacob Kowalski.

Jacob is an important character, he is a representation of us, a no-maj. His expressions upon seeing these magical wonders are definitely spot on. I would totally trade anything to be in his shoes, even for a millisecond. 

News says that there are going to be 4 sequels. *squeaking and prancing around in the room*
Oh thank you thank you so much J.K.Rowling. 
You're the reason I still believe in magic. 
Please continue to produce jaw-dropping, mind boggling, heart pounding magical work of art.

Next movie on the list : Disney's Moana!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Almost got cheated!

So a few days ago, I went out to find my cheese, which is a job.
And...... guess what, I almost got fooled because of my naivety!

Ok, before I go into the story, let me ask you one question.
What comes into your mind when you see the word "management trainee advertising"?
Immediately you thought of work related to advertising right?
And what does advertising mean?
It means promoting other company's product through many means like campaign, tv commercial, giving out flyers, or through social media.
At least that's what I thought in the first place.

Alright, now back to the story.
I saw this job vacancy in (A little warning, lots of stuff in Mudah can't be trusted!)
It stated there, advertising, event branding, ushers. I got excited cause I love events!
The pay is RM1800, no experience needed, no certificate needed.
Sounds too goo to be true right?
My mum who eat more salt than me doubted it for awhile. She said this job sounds like those salesmen carrying their product and walking around selling things.
Nevertheless I still applied.

The office is at Api-api centre, the agency is called Vision Group.
It was a small simple office.
There were a few brand's posters hung up on the wall to make it look convincing.
I was told to fill up the form.
A few others showed up and did the same thing not knowing they were about to fall into a trap.

So we waited for an HOUR before the manager came out of his office and started interviewing us.
I was the first one to be called.
He asked me about some work experiences and what are my current goals.
Then he introduced the company's name and background which is DNMC International.
He said that they will have roadshows and events.
His tone was very fast. I didn't really get the whole thing.
So I asked do they advertise through television, he said no, only face to face advertising.
So in my head was Ohhh, maybe my job is to find client through door to door method and ask them if they wanted to advertise their product. After all this is an advertising company.

Then he said I can start the next day, come at 9am wearing formal. If I got selected I will get a second interview. I was sooooo exhilarated and couldn't wait to tell my mum about the good news.

Typical me wanting to do some homework about advertising jobs and also research this company, I googled!

And...... that's how I found out this company, it is not what I thought at all!
I read from so many blogs, and they all claimed the exact same encounter.
This is a direct selling job! Just like a salesman. Just like my mother's thought!
Oh why is my mum always right?

From what I found on these blogs, they said, the pay is commission based. a van will drop the salesmen somewhere (offices, restaurant, commercial centers, residences) and they need to carry products like plushies, cheap toys, watches, makeup products, etc and sell them under the hot sun . Their commission is very low, some claimed each month only earn about RM300 - 400, can't even pay their bills. A lot of them quit after knowing the truth.

Do you know why people quit?
It's because these people felt cheated.
The companies are not being honest about their offered jobs.
It is not what is shown on the vacancy advertisement.
This is not even close to event!
The manager did not mention about selling stuff AT ALL during the interview.
There's actually nothing wrong with selling. Just come clean about it and maybe, just maybe people will join and won't feel CHEATED when they join this company.

I thank God so so much when I found these feedback and personal experiences from the victims or else my time and energy would be wasted.

If you go to Mudah, you'll find many similar job offers like Pembantu Event, Penyelia Event, Crew Event, etc. They are all under DNMC International with different agency names all around Malaysia.
Their offered salary is usually, RM1450, RM1500 or RM1800.

Always remember that when something is too good to be true, there's udang sebalik batu.
Hey it rhymes!

With so many bad reviews about this company online, I doubt that anyone who sees it will join them afterwards.

For job seekers out there, just go to jobstreet, it's one of the most reliable job seeking means out there other than local newspaper.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


今天又有一本好书要介绍给大家啦,《谁搬走了我的乳酪?》Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson。其实也不是什么新书,这本是书出版已经有18年之久了,但总是后知后觉的我最近才得知其存在。呵呵!