Friday, October 14, 2016

Facing your fear

Before I entered this industry, I'm fully aware of the circumstances which will be coming along.

Rejection. That's right.

My manager taught me telemarketing, which is to call random strangers and introduce them our product. As I made my first call, my heartbeat was racing like a horse, adrenaline rushing up and down. However, I still managed to conquer my fear of calling strangers. My first call was full of mistakes, there was a lot of "uh" and "um". Practice makes perfect, I improved bit by bit as I made more calls.
I made 80+ calls in total, and only managed to make one appointment.
The moment I got that one appointment, I felt like I finally caught a fish!
I was so overwhelmed with joy and couldn't wait to meet this "fish".

For a person like me who loathe rejections, I broke down on the 5th day of working.
The reason why was, today the "fish" told me that she couldn't make it and not sure when will she be available. I was so disappointed and finally burst into tears.
After so many rejections, I still got nothing.

They gave me all kind of reasons or excuses like they are driving, having meeting or busy.
I actually don't really mind if they reject me nicely.
But some of them were really rude, they pretended not to hear me, I know because it's obvious, some even worst, just hang up the phone while I'm still talking.

I knew that I have to face rejections, but I just never thought it would be so hurtful at times.

Seeing members in the group chat closing cases everyday makes it even stressful for me.
I can't even find a single prospect, how do I close any deal?

The thing about this industry is you gotta know a lot of people. I don't know many people.
I don't know any big bosses, or datuk datin.
I only have my high school friends and they are mostly scattered around the world studying.
My relatives are out of the option. That's why I'm out of prospects.

I know it's hard. Sometimes I even wondered if I choose the right path, but I don't wanna give up easily like last time. I wanna breakthrough. I want it so bad. But it's really hard, especially for someone like me.

However, I am very grateful that some of my friends are willing to come out and be my white mouse, I really appreciate it. Thank you friends, you know who you are. So if I call you one day for yamcha, don't be surprise ya.

Anyhow, I still wanna congratulate myself for being able to call 80 strangers. It's one of the biggest breakthrough so far although I haven't catch any fish yet.
So please continue to pray for me, I need a whole loads of mental strength, endurance, perseverance and patience.


Ruth Teh said...

All the best Winnee,keep it up.

Winnee said...

Thanks Teh. Needed that.