Monday, September 12, 2016

A breakthrough

In my last post, I mentioned why coming back early was the right decision.

Here's the story.

2 days after I came back, I received a message from Edgar asking me to join a conference. At first I wasn't that keen on joining as the conference was going to be 9 hours long. However, since it's located nearby my house, I decided to give it a go and brought my mother along as well.

There were 3 Singaporeans speaker flew all the way here to give us motivational talk. 
The first one was Mr. Jimmy Ong. As he shared with us his heart wrenching life experiences, my tears started to build up at the corner of my eyes and eventually flowed like water down my cheeks.

Bankrupt, divorced, and lost his son to brain cancer, Mr. Jimmy lost everything. He was at the lowest point of his life, he could have ended his life easily, but he didn't. His son's death had instead lifted him up, changed him and made him a whole new person again. He also came to know Christ at the same time, however he was mad at God taking away his beloved only son at that juncture.

At the Christian seminar, I had the exact same thought as Jimmy about God's mysterious and sometimes cruel way of handling our lives and purposes. 

Why would He take away someone we love so dearly?
Why didn't God heal the sick?

It turned out that God has bigger plans for Mr. Jimmy. 
He uses Mr. Jimmy to touch thousands of life, including mine.
I was so touched that I have the courage to go up on stage and shared my thoughts and received Mr. Jimmy's book "Breakthrough". Again I couldn't hold my feelings inside and burst into tears in front of everyone. Oh I felt so embarrassed. >_<!

Mr. Jimmy is now a successful life coach, travelling around places, sharing testimonies and touching lives. He might have lost his son, Shaun, but God had blessed him with another 2 adorable sons through second marriage with his second wife.

Mr. Jimmy's predicament was a lot worst than mine.
If he can gather the courage and stand up and restart his life, why can't I do it?
At that particular moment, I've made up my mind to make a change about my life.

The second speaker is Karen Foo, also a motivational coach and trainer.
I found out we shared the same affliction. 
She gave me an encouraging hug while I was crying on stage. 
Thanks Karen. Your story touched me as well. 

The last one was funny Mr. Ken Koh.
He was good at keeping the audience attentive. 
We all had great laugh listening to his talk about mindset.  
Always remember that mindset is the key to everything.
Didn't get to take picture with him.
Anyway another inspiring talk indeed.

Do you believe in God's plan?
On this fateful day, aside from meeting 3 powerful inspiring coaches, I was offered a job by a lady!
No one has offered me any job before.
After considering it for a day, I took the job offer as a financial consultant.
It turned out that the lady also used to shared the same problem with me.

I don't think all of these are coincident.
I believe in God's plan.

A truly page turner, especially the chapter about Mr. Jimmy's son. It was pulling my heartstrings. 
Thanks Mr. Jimmy for the wonderful inspiring book.

It's time for a breakthrough.

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