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In love with Sarawak Part 2

Day 5 Friday 5/8/2016

Woke up at 4.30am to get ready to the airport. Thank goodness we all manage to pack and clean the house before leaving Clarice's dorm.

We shared some simple bread-cake for breakfast at the airport which I bought previous day. 
Then, it's time we bade goodbye to Kuching and headed north to Miri.

Ilyas's grandma came and picked us from the airport. It was only 5 minute journey to his house. Ilyas's house was nice and cozy with a touch of kampung vibe, surrounded by some vegetation, a nice fish pond and garden.

His popo was very friendly to us, she made sure we were comfortable and got everything we needed.
Big thanks to popo. 
While Clarice and I staying at home having some girls chat, Ilyas, Yee fei and Brian went to the airport to pick Janet. I heard they were awkward upon meeting for the first time. Hehe.
For lunch, we had 虾米炒米粉, our first home cooked meal in Sarawak, cooked by Ilyas's popo herself of course, Not bad!

Due to the rain, we couldn't go outdoor, so we went to a local shopping mall and sing-K!
Oh I had a lot of fun singing with them. Surprisingly Brian's voice not bad eh!

Moving on, Ilyas brought us to this Christian cafe, I was blur blur at first. Then baru I got it.
We were celebrating Janet's birthday!

Happy 22nd Birthday Janet! All the best in your career.

When we saw the rain subsided, we were brought to this hill called Canada Hill to watch sunset.
There's this old well called Grand Old Lady which was used to dig oil.

The view behind was just breath taking. 
There's a cafe there where you can enjoy the scenery while having a meal.
 But you have to beware of the dogs. Ilyas got bitten while lucky Clarice almost got bitten.

So without further ado, we accompanied Ilyas to a clinic to have him checked and treated. 
By the time he finished his treatment, it was around 8pm. 
We were completely famished!
Ilyas's mother belanja us dinner at a nearby restaurant. Thanks aunty!

Battery flat. Goodnight.

Day 6 Saturday 6/8/2016

Woke up early for today's another strength and mental challenging adventure.
Once again, Ilyas's generous mummy treated us with yummy kolok me breakfast. 
They say if you didn't visit any cave, you never come to Sarawak.
Hence, off we went to visit another cave - Gua Niah it was! 
It was quite far from the city. Took around 1 hour journey to reach there.
The entrance fee was RM3 for students. However you have to pay RM1 boat fee just to cross the river which took less than a minute.

Ilyas's popo, mum, little brother, aunty and cousin also joined us.

Pause to take a picture. The foot journey to the cave was quite far. I really admire Ilyas's popo for making it all the way there, however she didn't enter the cave, but still good enough.

Along the wooden trail, you will see many millipedes crawling and making loving. 
Guess it's mating season. Janet was terrified by em'.

Finally reaching the "entrance" of the cave.
 I will tell you why I put the quotation mark there, there's another story behind it.
Stay tuned to my next post.

Unlike Fairy Cave, Niah cave was a lot safer, no steep wet stairs(some parts were sheer darkness), but a lot more smellier and also further. But still, the scenery inside was just as majestic as Fairy cave.
The rays of light coming down from above was pure heavenly.
I didn't take many photos, as I was really tired.

Sorry my camera didn't manage to capture the essence and detail of the cave. 
Trust me, it was way more pretty than this.

By the way stamina is must have if you plan to hike. 

 A group photo after completing the hike. 

We had KFC for lunch, Janet's treat. Thanks Janet!

Went home exhausted and smelly, took a quick refreshing bath and wait for dinner, this time Ilyas's popo cooked curry chicken for us. Yum!

 At night we planned not to go anywhere as we were all tired. So we stayed at home and played this game in our room. It's main objective is to find the spy. It was quite fun, the perfect activity for slumber party. 

Day 6 ended at midnight with a wide smile =)

Day 7 Sunday 7/8/2016

Couldn't believe it's our last day in Sarawak. 
Today we all woke up quite late except for Yee Fei and Ilyas. 
They went out early in the morning with Ilyas's grandparents to buy breakfast. 
Guess what, another round of Kolok mee!

This is Sarawak chu chang fen. The sauce was slightly sweeter and redder than KK's one.

After everyone got ready, we headed out to a cafe to have some refreshment and just relaxed before sending Ilyas's brother to attend his first piano lesson.
While waiting for him, Ilyas brought us to Miri park. It was vast and beautiful.

There were suspension bridges, fountains, small swimming area, barbecue shacks, jogging track and playground.

After picking Ilyas's brother from his class, we went to a local famous ABC shop to quench our thirst. 

ABC campur RM3.80 

I like this snack. They were deep fried sweet potatoes and tofu. 
They paired so well with the rojak sauce.

Our last destination was Tusan Beach. The beach was utterly clean.
Not a single rubbish was noticed. Let's hope that it will stay that way forever and ever.
Ilyas said the beach was just recently discovered, that's why it was spotless.

The beach was situated at a cliff, so once you got down to the beach, you'll see many little caves like this. My jeans was halfway wet as I couldn't stop myself from soaking my legs in the sea water, besides enjoying the soothing sea breeze caressing my face and listening to the sound of the ocean. 
It was just pure heavenly.

Can you guess what does it look like?
A horse drinking sea water!
What a sight to behold!

Unlike KK beach, you won't notice a single island floating on the horizon.
A wonderful amazing sunset to end our trip.
Bye Sarawak, till we meet again next time.
I had post-holiday-blues looking at these memorable photos over and over again.

*Some photo credits to Ilyas, Yee Fei and Brian*

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