Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sandakan Trip

It's been a while since we are on a road trip, so here's my post, a trip to Sandakan, also known as Elopura or Little Hong Kong.

We arrived at Tamparuli to have our breakfast with our relatives. Unfortunately, only 1 shop opened due to Raya holiday. Luckily another shop opened for business but the service and food were really bad.

At 8am, we officially began our long anticipated journey. (or so I first thought)

We arrived Sandakan at around 1pm+. My mum and I were already pening pening lalat. Checked in to Hsiang Hotel. RM150 per night for 2 rooms. It was really worth it. The price offered was cheaper than the online booking. 

My mum packed us some lunch in the morning, so we had our lunch in the hotel. Then we rested for a while as we were all exhausted from the 6 hour journey plus some part of the road was bagai ular kena palu.  

After our body were fully recharged, we went to visit my 姨婆. It was our first time meeting her and her daughter. She resembles my late popo alot.

Moving on, we headed to the famous Sandakan Temple. 

A row of Buddhas stood neatly on each side of the pavement.

As we entered the threshold, we were greeted by these gigantic buddha statues. 
What a sight to behold!

The sea view from top was just beyond description. 
We were all completely mesmerized. 
You just have to see it for yourself.

Then, we went back to the hotel to freshen up ourselves. Around 7pm went out to hunt for food.
Again due to raya holiday, the restaurant we went to had no enough workers. We waited for almost an hour for their food. Our tummies were rumbling already and the portion given was far less than we expected. We paid over RM100 for shitty service and food. 
Reminder to oneself, never go back to that restaurant anymore.

10pm Zzzzzzz.

The next morning, my cousin brought us to Sim Sim Water Village area to have the famous Sandakan 弹弓面.
Unluckily the shop was closed. 
So we headed to another restaurant, if not mistaken, it's call Kau Kee Restaurant, 
also situated at Sim Sim area. 
We had seafood breakfast. Their food was so tasty, I like their 皮蛋饺. Sorry no pictures.

Another breathtaking sea view with morning sunshine.

After the wonderful satisfying meal, my cousin brought us makan angin around town area as he is familiar with Sandakan. You will notice that each roundabout has different statues, like lobster, turtle, crocodile etc.

Then, we headed to the renown St. Michael Church. It is the oldest stone church in Sandakan which took more than 30 years to complete. This heritage site was my Form 3 Sejarah project.

After a quick photo shoot, we went to another historical site, Agnes Keith's House.
Agnes Keith was an American author. 

You can dine at the English Tea House, just next to the museum.

Around 9am+, we left for Sepilok. 
It was soooooooo crowded, there were many foreigners and also a group of church people.
We met Stephen's mother. She's one of the big crowd on a church outing.
According to her, there were 200 people joining.

 We were not allowed to bring our bags, foods inside, as they scared our belongings will be taken away by the naughty monkeys along the trail. It was quite tiring but fun though.

We were just in time for the feeding session. 3 orangutans showed up. 

Around 12pm, we bade farewell to Sandakan and ready for another butt flat and backache journey back. 

All in all it was fun and exciting to see another city. 
I will surely go back to taste the foods there. 
But next time, my mum and I will take the plane instead.