Sunday, March 13, 2016

An unpleasant Groupon experience

Few days ago, I purchased a hair treatment groupon to treat my dandruff problem. It listed there a lot of procedures for only RM18 per session, and RM28 for 2 sessions. I thought it was a great deal so I bought 2 session without further consideration.

However things change when I got there.

Firstly, a lady scanned my scalp, then another one (yes they are 2 of them) started to tell me how severe my dandruff is and took photos of it. Now here comes the trick.

She said, my dandruff is too severe until need to cut botak, So she took out a paper and write down a list of procedures which is exactly the same as listed in their groupon page and told me that I need to pay RM138 for the treatment. I was curious and asked, why do I need to pay more for the same exact procedures? They gave me a thousand reasons I should pay for that amount to treat my scalp. Since I don't have any cash with me, so they told me to call my mother for permission.

And so I did, my mother said just give it a go.
For the 2 hours session there, the lady responsible for my scalp kept on emphasizing the severity of my dandruff. Telling me that I should sign their package and use their product.

2 hours passed and my mum came to pick me up.
One of the lady suggested a whole treatment package for me.
Guess how much is it?
RM 3000++ for 15 sessions!

My mum said she couldn't afford. So she said can use credit card. But my mum doesn't have one.
So my mum asked, can we try 2-3 times first then look at the result?

At first she insisted no, then she lowered it to 12 sessions. She saw my mum still wasn't convinced, she lowered it to 10. She saw my mum still won't budge, she tried to sell her product which is really expensive like RM100 per bottle. Their product expired some more. So I asked her if I can buy her herbal treatment only and do it at home, she said cannot, must do it at their saloon.

Both of them kept on persuading my mum and won't let her go until we felt uncomfortable.
But at last, my mum declined and left.

My mum said this is their tactic to sell more, cause they have commission. Actually why the need for 15 sessions if  the lady said my scalp already improved a bit after 1 session? Furthermore why do I have to pay RM 138 if the groupon CLEARLY stated that I can get all those in the list for RM28?

I felt like I've been scammed, and they try to scam me some more. And this is not the way to help people to solve their problem. You know that we can't afford that much, why not let us try 2 or 3 session first?

I'm so not going back to their shop.

So just a reminder here, be careful when you buy things in groupon, they'll be some hidden tricks here and there to scam your wallet. All I can say is 天下没有白吃的午餐。

Yes you may ask me for the shop name if you wanna know which one.

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