Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life without noticifation

Imagine this, if you were to off your phone data...... let say 1 hour, can you survive?

I had a wonderful gathering with friends during chinese new year. However I can't help but notice, despite all the wonderful people around, some of us still manage to hook up on their phone.

What I'm trying to say is, we people in this generation had forgotten how to live that moment.
As soon as the phone vibrates, we'll anxiously check it out no matter where we are or what we are doing. In the car, shopping mall, classroom(not full paying attention) and even toilet!

Some said they have more than 30 whatsapp group. You can imagine how many notification are there. And the thing is, mostly are trivial matters or nonsense. In fact, the availability of 24 hour internet had cause a series of social problems, including accidents. I myself only have 2. 

To be frank, I'm not so fond of people having a conversation with another person/group in another place while I'm sitting in front of you watching you doing it. I felt like you're dumping me for a virtual person.

We can live this moment and capture it so that we wont forget in the future. But I would appreciate it if you save the upload later cause people will start commenting or liking your status, and you'll be busy with your phone.

If there's no important things going on, perhaps you can stop handcuffing yourself to your smart phone. Live that moment. Listen attentively to every interesting stories from people you haven't meet in ages. And most importantly drive save, don't text or facebook. One more thing, faceboook is getting more and more loaded with craps.

YOLO. Enjoy the music I've picked and have a great day =)


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