Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What a surprise!

It's the first post of 2016 and I'm gonna start it with a happy and positive one.

The reason I wanna share my happiness is because happiness doesn't come to me easily.
For people like me, joy is a luxury, it's like a deep buried treasure. 
So I'm gonna document it savour these moments while it last.

Met up with an old friend last year. It was so nice to see her. We shared stories, for the first time in like ever, I can relate so much to her and she also relate to my predicament. 
It felt like our stories intertwine and connected. 
Hope to see you soon Xin Yu.

We sat on a bench facing this beautiful scenery at Tanjung Aru, and chat like there's no tomorrow.
It's one of the most wonderful thing that happened to me last year.

BTW Tanjung Aru really should be upgraded. The facility is so bad, smell from the drain is so awful. And one more thing, if you buy coconut, make sure it's freshly cut. Coz I think we got cheated, they gave us used coconut shell, and poured diluted coconut water in it. 

On New year eve, I hang out with these guys. 
They "surprised" Stephen and I with a little celebration.
Well it's not really a surprised since Stephen ruined it by asking "Hey are you guys going to celebrate our birthday?" Typical Stephen being Stephen. =)
Guess what we were doing on new year eve? 
Playing monopoly at mamak!
That was a first for me!

 On my 22nd birthday, my parents brought me to Dubuyo for dinner.
The toppoki is too spicy, I can't handle it. The pancake and beef soup are nice. Price wise, a little above average for us but service is quite fast. So I'mma give 6.8/10.

Yesterday, I hang out with another bunch of old classmate. Some I haven't meet since secondary school. They must be very shock to see my weight gain.
It's good to see them again after a long while. 
We brought up so many past stories and gossips. Hehehe
Our kind hearted towkay Tuang paid for both the wonderful vegetarian meal and our starbucks drinks!

Then they took this out from a plastic bag which Janet had been holding all these while and sang a birthday song! For me! Awwww....
 Oh and thanks again Towkay for sponsoring these delicious cupcakes.

Facebook actually made it even depressing for me on my birthday. 
On that day it showed all the past birthday memories. 
And I noticed the number of people wishing me is getting lesser and lesser each year. 

Just when you thought everyone had forgotten your birthday, Janet handed me this present.
 Janet went to KL last week, she met up with a few old classmate and bought me this wonderful handbag. It's from Yee Fei, Ilyas, Clarice, Annette, Janet and Marilyn.
Thank you guys! I don't need to look for a new handbag this year.

Last but not least, a wonderful drawing from the person who had been supporting me mentally and spiritually throughout last year. My dear friend Teh. No words can describe how much I am grateful for you to be by my side when I needed you the most. I may now still having trouble believing in Christianity, but I hope that one day I'll regain that faith back. Thanks for keeping me in your prayer everyday. I wish you all the best. May the Lord use your talent to bless other people.

This is a simple portrait I've drawn for her last year as her birthday present.
I know it doesn't look anything like her at all. >_<
But at least I tried. It's been ages since I draw.

I really want to hold on to that believe that more good things will come soon.
Wish me all the best.

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