Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cinderella 2015

I have always been a huge fan of Cinderella. I blogged about it 3 years ago and Imma blog about it again. This year March, Disney released a live action version Cinderella, no twisted ending, just the plain old classic Cinderella.

I have to say, it was the most enchanting, magical and wonderful Cinderella movie ever made, yes even surpassed 1950's Disney animated version. 

Fox movies recently broadcasted it, and I've watched it every time it shows. You just can't get enough of it. Watching Cinderella makes me feel like a child again. It's one of the few things that made me happy. I find that there's two most magical moment, the first is Cinderella's transformation, and the second is the dance. Don't you feel like you're floating in the air when you watch them dance? Well actually every romantic dance scene made me melt =)

There's one thing I wanted to point out in this movie - the costume. 
Every piece of them was so painstakingly designed and made by the talented English designer Sandy Powell.

Did you know that Cate Blanchett who plays Lady Tremaine in the movie actually changed more than 10 costumes? Don't believe me? Here there are. Watch closer, they may be similar in silhouette, but they are totally different dresses.











One of the costumes in deleted scenes.



The mourning part (Deleted Scene)


The mourning part (Deleted Scene)

All of her costumes were really exquisite and luxurious. Lady Tremaine is trully a Parisian with fine taste as described by the narrator. Poor Cinderella only had 3 costumes throughout the entire movie.
Cate Blanchett is the perfect candidate for this role, she pulled character off wonderfully. You can definitely feel the evil stepmother aura.

This is one of the deleted scenes. I really think the mourning part should be included.

I just found out Lily James sang her version of  "A dream is A wish your Heart make".
The song was sang at the end credit and I just found out lately! 

Here are some of behind the scenes. You can see how much effort they've put into making this magical moment transpired. Especially the grand ballroom and costumes. Thanks to all the crew and cast, Cinderella die hard fans' dream could come true. 

Do you wanna know why I like Cinderella the most among other Disney princesses? Cause it taught me that the most wonderful and magical thing can happen to anyone with a pure good heart. And 2015 Cinderella's main message is "Have courage and be kind."

Though we may not have enough actual prince for all the ladies out there, but I'm sure somehow we'll find that prince who owns our heart.

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