Friday, November 20, 2015

My wonderful cards

First of all, I want to thank and praise the Lord for sending an angel (not directly from heaven, but from Facebook) to help me earn some little money from doing things I like to do - making cards!

His name is Edgar Pong. A very successful person. How successful?
Owning a BMW, BenZ and a half a million condo at the age of 26 ONLY!!!!!

He's an insurance agent, a coach, a financial consultant, an author, and now a CEO of his own company - Generation Superstar. He's launching his new program called Pitch2Profit.
If you wanna know how to become successful like him, just click HERE. Your journey to success will begin in a click a way.

Edgar story inspired me, without further hesitation, I joined his program. When we met, he discovered my (very amateur) talent on art. So he ordered 20 cards from me.

So here they are, meticulously handmade Birthday and Christmas pop up cards.
I called them my precious babies.

Handmade Pop Up Christmas Cards

Handmade Pop Up Birthday Cakes

Took me 10 days to finish 20 cards. Only God and my mum knew how much effort I've put into these babies. I've visited more than 1 trip to most of the stationery shops in KK, Kaison as well. Edgar offered me a handsome price for all of these. He said my cards should receive the same amount of value just like how some people are willing to pay millions for a painting. Honestly, not many people appreciate handmade stuff nowadays. Thank you Edgar once again for the offer, I hope your clients like it and appreciate it like we both do.

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