Friday, November 27, 2015

It's the pressure

A few days ago, the Malaysian were gobsmacked upon hearing the tragic death of a SPM student.

While everyone mocks and blames him for his daft act, I completely understand his situation.

Some are already prancing around when they get 3-4 As, but for students who work our ass off and put 100% effort in preparing our exams, we have that expectation. We want that straight As so bad. No one could fathom the pressure built inside us. That pressure to get good grades so that we can get scholarship, so that we can enter good uni, so that we can have bright future. It's a long heavy chain that leads one to another. It's a heavy burden to bear when you're expected to not only score well, but also achieve that desired goal. We couldn't dare to imagine what if we fail. We couldn't let ourselves down, we couldn't let our parents, teachers, classmates, down. We just couldn't.

Is it wrong to have high expectations from ourselves?
Is it wrong if we wanted to achieve that goal?
Is it wrong if we want a better future?

Hon ye choose not to share with anyone about his feelings. It's a sad thing. He didn't have anyone in his mind whom he can trust to help him. At that point, he's downright disappointed at himself, he's totally depressed, he didn't think that he could score A anymore for add maths paper, he couldn't bear the thoughts of the repercussions of not getting straight As, he couldn't think of anything else, at last he gave up.

If only he's willing to open up that long bottled pressure which is about to explode, if only he knew how to seek help, if only he has the courage to face everything, if only there's someone he's close with could give him a warm hug and say everything is going to be fine at that particular juncture, if only he knew that there are so many other available scholarships out there waiting for him, if only......

Unfortunately it's too late.

Don't blame the dead, he didn't know how to seek help, and you never know what is going on in his mind. Let's just hope that after this incident, parents, teachers and counselors will be more aware of their children/students.

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