Wednesday, October 28, 2015

They ain't girls anymore.

I was watching Mean Girls the other day, and gosh Lindsay Lohan was so young and pretty, and drug-free. So I'm gonna bring ya'll "time travel" by looking at how far these childhood teenage diva had grown into. Let's start with...

1.Lindsay Lohan.

 Remember this sweet young 12 year old girl with lots of freckle? She's 29 already.

The Parent Trap 1998
When I was young, I REALLY thought these 2 were twins and when I found out about Lindsay playing both the characters, I had a hard time believing it. I was like NO WAY!!!! BUT HOW?!
Obviously I didn't have much knowledge about digital stuff back then.

I grew up watching her movies, from Life Size, Herbie, Freaky Friday to Mean Girls. 
By the way, all the Mean Girls are also in their 30's already.
She didn't appear in major box office movies anymore, which I think mainly due to her reputation of going in and out of rehab. 

Apparently drugs and age didn't do much good to her face. 
Not even make up and lip fuller can save that once before sweet look.

2. Raven Symone

The older generation might recognize her in the late 80's sitcom The Cosby Show whereas I remember her as the psychic high school girl in Disney's Sitcom That's So Raven.  

That's So Raven 2003-2007

It's been 8 years since the last episode of this sitcom was aired. 
This girl is turning 30 on December 10th. 
Bye bye youth. Hello wrinkles. 
By the way, she's a lesbian.

She certainly doesn't look good in that nude makeup. 
Not to mention that hideous hair.

3. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

The only celebrity twins whom I know. 
Famous for playing the role of Michelle Tanner in Full House at the tender young age of 1, 
the Olsen twins quit acting after their last movie flop, New York Minute. (I find it kinda nice though)

New York Minute 2004

I grew up reading their books from primary school all the way until secondary school. 
I guess twins just double the fun of everything. 
They are currently active in the fashion industry.
Mary Kate got married last year to half brother of former president of France, Oliver Sarkozy. 
He is older than MK a whopping 17 years!!!

Someone feed these girls already!
Anorexia makes them look like middle age hag and they are only 29! 

4. Ashley Tisdale
Gained her breakthrough in the High School Musical trilogy, Ashley definitely left a deep impression in every teen's memory. 
In fact I adore her more than Vanessa Hudgens in that movie. 

She got married last year September to singer Christopher French.
Vanessa is one of her bridesmaid.

Still looking fabulous. Instead of colourful outfits and golden blond, our 30 year old Ashley opts for more matured look which suits her perfectly with that ombre. 

5. Hilary Duff

Also one of my favorite childhood actress, 
this Texan girl has now become a mother of a 3 year old boy named Luca. 

A Cinderella Story 2004

Unfortunately she and her former NHL husband got divorced last year. 
What is wrong with these Hollywood celebrities?!

Is it me or the turquoise hair makes this 28 year old lady look older? 

Do these former Disney actress remind you of your wonderful childhood?
It sure does to me. 

Rewatching these coming of age movies is definitely a good way to walk down your memory lane.
Some of them still looking great while some of them need to intensify their anti aging regimen.
I hope that these woman will continue to inspire younger fans like us. 
Hope you like this article. =)

By the way, I just found out that October 21 2015 is THE date the characters back to the future in the movie "Back To The Future". No wonder my facebook news feed is full of its stuff and comparison.   

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