Thursday, October 29, 2015

Colour out your imagination

Colouring has become a trend lately, thanks to Johanna Basford, the illustrator of the adult colouring book, Secret Garden. I don't want to be left behind, so I bought myself a copy and try it out. It certainly brought back that nostalgic feeling. The last time I coloured was back in form 3.

  These are China's own version which I bought at Kaison for only RM6.90 if not mistaken. 
A lot of times, we have to thank China for providing us with more cheaper choices.
There are 24 drawings on 12 sheets. I intentionally choose the easy side.
 However the surface is shiny so I can only use magic pen and glitter pen to colour. 

  Colouring is said to be stress relieving which I find it quite true. Did you know that one of the activities for the patients in asylum is colouring? It sets your mind free for a moment. I personally think that this works more effectively than the new launched app Pause. I mean like COME ON, you are already spending so much time on your gadgets, why need to waste more time on it?  

 Don't have drawing talent? Don't fret. 
These wonderful colouring books had it all drawn painstakingly for you.
You don't have to restrict yourself. Just use whatever colour that you desire. 
Unleashed your creativity to the max. 
By the way this tree is my favorite and the glitter pens brought it to live.

I went to Imago Popular a few days ago, they just restock their colouring books with now more variations. You can choose from different themes like Birds and Butterflies, Circus, Dreamy Fantasy, Mandala and etc. I hope they have princess theme. Coz I LOVE princesses.
They are now currently on discounts. Even cheaper with member price. 

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up go to your nearest Popular or Kaison store to get a copy before they are sold out. It is also available at Mr. DIY Wawasan. 
Let that long buried inner child of yours run wild once again. 
Just one teeny tiny tip, choose a less complicated one. You'll be running out of colours. 
Especially green.

Happy colouring =)

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