Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Actors/Actresses You Didn't Know Who Play/Voice These Characters.

A lot of times when we watch a drama or movie, we'll be like "Hey where have I seen that guy before?" "I'm pretty sure I've seen her somewhere." Or even worse, you can't recognize them at all because of their character outfits. Here are some revelations that you will swear you won't believe.

1. Elsa (Frozen) and Nancy (Enchanted) - Idina Menzel

Who gets to play in both 2D and 3D world of Disney?
Yeap. That's her. 
The voice behind the the song that swept the globe, "Let It Go" and also Robert's fiance in Enchanted. 

2. Merida (Brave) and Evangeline (Nanny McPhee) - Kelly MacDonald   

Remember the sweet and caring servant in our all time favorite children fantasy comedy? She is also the voice behind that heavy Scottish accent you heard in the stubborn Merida's conversations. 
Oh by the way, she's Helena Ravenclaw too. 
No idea? Check the Harry Potter cast.

3. Ferb (Phineas and Ferb) and Newt (The Maze Runner) - Thomas Brodie Sangster

NO WAY NO WAY he is Ferb! He's just too hot for the quirky Ferb! The Maze Runner has become a current craze. 
Be sure to check it out if you're a dystopian fiction fan.

4. Peter (Harry Potter) and Nathaniel (Enchanted) - Timothy Spall

I know this is easy for some of you but I had that "Where have I seen this guy before?" reaction. 
Then I remembered. Oh that filthy little rat transformed human.

5. Gretchen (Mean Girls) and Eliza (The Wild Thornberry) - Lacy Chabert

Until now, I still can't believe that annoying voice of Eliza belongs to Lacy who plays one of the plastics in Mean Girls. How did she do it? I mean it's not even close to her real voice. 

6. Kahmunrah (Night At The Museum) and Gargamel (The Smurfs) Hank Azaria

The incredible costumes and make ups make this almost looks like played by different person. 
And that's why we always said "Looks can be deceiving." Hands up if you're mind blown.

7. Aunt Marge (Harry Potter) and Miss Truncbull (Matilda) 

Heads up Potterhead. The truth will be revealed. Miss Trunchbull has transformed into Harry's Aunt Marge. 
That's right. You heard me. 

8. Lana (The Princess Diaries) and Rapunzel (Tangled) - Mandy Moore

The once hit song "Stupid Cupid" singer has successfully bring another hits "I see the light". 
Long gone the mean cheerleader, Hello brunette. By the way don't get confused with Demi Moore. 

9. Dr. Curt Connors (The Amazing Spider Man) and Xenophilius (Harry Potter) - Rhys Ifans

Apparently Xenophilius Lovegood had migrated to the muggle world and accidentally lost a limb in one of his experiment. I totally didn't recognize him in Spider Man. 

I'm saving the best for the last.

10. Winnie The Pooh and Tigger - Jim Cummings

Wait what????!!!! After all these years???!!! I felt like my whole life was a lie. 

Still beffudled? Told ya!
Oh don't forget to keep your jaws up.

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