Monday, September 21, 2015

Tips on going on a vacation

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind if you are going on a budget vacation in Malaysia.

1. Accommodation
-  Stay as near as the main interchange station like KL Sentral in Malaysia.
   ~ Easy to travel to any places plus you don't wanna walk too far to the hotel after a long tiring day.
-  Stay as near as the shop lot. 
  ~ Hotel foods/goods are more expensive.

2. Transport
-  Avoid taking taxi as much as possible. 
   ~ It cost more. 
   ~ It got stuck when there's traffic jam. ( higher charge)
   ~ You'll miss a lot of beautiful scenery that you can't get from LRT/Monorail.

3. Timing and Schedule
-  Avoid peak seasons like school holidays (if possible) or public holidays.
    ~ Famous places like theme parks will be extra crowded and tickets will cost higher too.
-  Always on the look out for promotional date. 
    ~ Eg. Ladies night, Fun Tuesdays.
-  Always plan early especially if you're going farther places from your original stay. 
   ~ It saves time, cost and energy. 
   ~ Sold out tickets can be a huge disappointment and can also alter the schedule of the entire trip. 

4. Preparations
-  Make sure you have a healthy body. 
   ~ Weak body leads to early fatigue. (I've been through this, trust me. It's though and painful.)
   ~ Exercise at least 2 weeks before. 
   ~ A pair of good shoes will help.
-  Bring all possible medication. 
  ~ Eg. Panadol, stomachache pills, motion sickness pills, koyok pads.
  ~ You don't wanna go around searching frantically for these things when things get bad.
  ~ Aroma therapy oil/lotion can help soothe all the tiredness. 

5. Others
-  Bring your student card for discounts.
-  Always have some snacks or bread in your bag especially on long journey.
  ~ Foods sold on the train/plane are more pricey.
-  Constantly restock your water supply.
   ~ Dehydration can lead to dizziness.  
-  Think twice before promising to bring back things for friends. 
   ~ Fragile sensitive things like cake.
-  Charge all your devices as soon as there are electric sources. (Power bank also helps.)
-  Pray for protection and good weather and be grateful.

Hope that you'll find all these tips profitable in your next vacation.
Have a nice trip =)

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