Friday, September 18, 2015

Jalan-Jalan Malaysia 2015 Part 3/3

Let's go on with the 3rd and last part of the holiday trip. *Phew*

Wednesday 9/9/2015

This day we head off to Batu caves via ktm to sight see some Indian culture and also to witness ourselves the world's tallest Lord Murugan. Since we went there early, the weather is just nice.

Be EXTRA cautious when you're mingling around with these monkeys. They can be very ferocious when it comes to food. I saw it grab a bag of keropok from a little boy RIGHT in front of me. 
By the way you can buy bananas from the stalls and feed them.

You have to take off shoes to enter these temples. So make sure you're not wearing nike or adidas.

These pigeons must be the happiest pigeons in the world. Almost every minute there's tourist throwing rices at them.

World's Tallest Lord Murugan. 

Stairway to heaven? It's quite a magnificent view.

I didn't go up. In fact I can't go up because of my shorts. You'll be charged RM5 for the sarong they'll provide you there. Once you come down you'll be returned RM2 as deposits. Ladies, heads up, no short skirts or shorts allowed. My dad had sore thighs after going up and down the  272 steps.

Next, we had lunch at one of the oldest kopitiam at Pasar Seni area and then strolled the famous Petaling Street. There's a sign board saying no selling of pirated products and yet the exact contrary were sold there. Speaking of irony.

Petaling Street. 

At 6pm, we decided to go Berjaya Times Square. 
This was my dad's first time taking a monorail. 
It was peak hour where people were going home after work. 
So imagine the smell you get from the sardined monorail.

This purple thing I'm standing on is actually liquid. When you stepped on it, the liquid will move around and make this awesome space like pattern.

Oh and the stairs behind my parents, they make piano key sounds when you stepped on it. 
As sakai as it sounds, isn't this cool!

Thursday 10/9/2015

The last day, we finally get the chance to go up the once tallest building in the world, the renowned Petronas Twin Tower. Last 2 time, we didn't get to go up because the ticket was completely sold out. So if you wanna make sure you get the ticket, go as early as 9am 
(not during peak seasons or weekends). 
RM 26.50 per person, you'll get discount if you have student card.

This is a hologram giving us briefing before entering the tower. 
I wasn't paying attention to what she said as I staring it in awe
Oh before that, we have to go through security check to make sure we didn't bring any bombs.

Breath taking view from the sky bridge at level 42. My feet were already shaking.
People with acrophobia are strongly advised not to go. 

Then we were brought to level 86 to have a closer look of the corn. 

This is actually an interactive computerized tv screen where you can play with your ticket to get the twin tower to appear.
 It was suppose to show a full twin tower, but I didn't get it. Ish!

Peeking on someone taking shower aye?

After a short 15 minutes, we were forced to go down to level 83. 

Behind my parents are the list of tallest building around the world.

Nice starry background with a fat model.
Then, after another short 10 minutes or so, we were forced to go down.
I hate it when we haven't get a full glimpse of everything and then we were forced to leave.
We spent only about half an hour on top.

There goes our entire trip to the top of Twin Towers.
It's a shame that it was kinda hazy that time. We couldn't get a clear view of KL. 
Should have visited it at night. Urgh! Why hadn't we thought of that?!

  Next, we dropped in at McDonald Nu Sentral to have our coffee break.

Then we head straight to the airport via bus (RM11 per person) after checking out.

At the waiting hall before departure. Oh the new airport is so HUGE! We have to walk like 15 minutes to get to our gate. And there's no massage chair nearby like in LCCT. Urgh!

Oh we also had our lunch at the airport. Now we know the reason why KFC is always so crowded. It's because KFC is the cheapest among the other eateries in the airport. 

These are popcorns we bought at Berjaya Times Square. 
It's called Eureka Popcorns and is actually quite nice. 
I especially like the butter caramel and cheese. 
Some are for my brother's friends. 

I'm so grateful for this trip. 
I thank the Lord over and over again for providing us this opportunity to have this family vacation and also protecting us all these while on the journey. It's actually not that hard to have a budget vacation. All you need to have is some planning and mobile data. 

Check out my upcoming post on tips of going on a budget vacation.
Hope you enjoy the read. =)

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