Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jalan-Jalan Malaysia 2015 - Part 1/3

Just got an injection yesterday at the hospital because of feeling dizziness on and off these few days. Today finally felt a bit better and here I am reporting my holiday trip.

3 months ago, while mum was buying brother's coming back air ticket, she saw this very cheap air fair, only RM 69 one way per person. So we decided to go and visit him during his sem break.

Saturday  5/9/2015
Early morning, our kind neighbour dropped us off at the airport. Since we already checked in, so mum, dad and I were taking our time waiting at the departure hall of KKIA 2. I got to say, every time I board on an airplane, I'm still amazed at the sight of the land from above, and how human mind can create such huge machine that can fly us to our destination. 

Sabah island view 

The small portion of RM14 nasi lemak clearly just enough for alas perut, so upon reaching the new airport, we filled our stomach with KFC. Then we took a bus to KL Sentral to meet up with my brother. 

Right beside Nu Sentral are numerous hotels to choose from. I told mum I was already exhausted, so we chose the De Sentral Hotel right next to the escalator to Nu Sentral. It was a budget hotel costing us only RM115 per night with extra mattress. However, I didn't know it was so budget until the toilet was soooooo dirty as if it was never cleaned for years. Well, what to do, we just gonna have to suck it up and continue as we already paid for 2 nights stay. 

After resting for an hour, we carry on with our next activity - attend MATTA fair or see Gary live in person! With my brother's 4 months experience in KL, he brought us to PWTC which was the fair was held. It was soooooo crowded, but I bet a lot of them came for Gary. Entrance ticket is RM4 each person, and after walking a quite a distance to another hall, we finally came to the stage. It was already filled with people. Mum and I maneuvered ourselves to get the best view. 

Amber Chia walking the hanbok. 
Some of the chit chatty malay girls beside me kept saying "boringlah".
I felt like want to tell them to shut up. It's already so hot in here. 
We are all waiting patiently for the big star to show up.

5.30pm, our long awaited Gary finally showed up. People from behind pushed us forward to get a better glimpse of their idol. The whole experience was so overwhelming. Our legs are sore, people are pushing from every direction, screaming, chit chatting and sweating. I almost gave up but I didn't. I eventually get to see him in person. Mum said he was kinda short, and I thought that his voice is more hoarse than in tv. He came here to promote Korea, and we were disappointed that he didn't perform anything.  

There he was, interviewed by a local host, Nabil. 
I'm not going to attend any event like this anymore, no matter how huge the star is going to show up. Yes, including Hollywood biggest star like Emma Watson or Angelina Jolie. 

Then we head off to Sunway Mall (right beside PWTC) to have our dinner at Kenny Rogers. By the time we reached our hotel we were already extremely fatigue and went right to bed after a hot shower. It felt like I had the longest walk in my life. 

Sunday 6/9/2015

We woke up late today and had our brunch at Restaurant One Sentral (I have another story, wait for another post). Their Ban Mian was large at only RM 6 and delicious too compare to here in Sabah. 
Then I had a small reunion with my UTAR classmate. Unfortunately only 2 are able to showed up. The rest just wouldn't bothered to reply you. This reminds my why I hate organizing events. While that happened, mum and dad met a relative at the same mall. FYI, Nu sentral is a new mall situated right next to KL Sentral. So if you wanna meet someone, just make it there. Easy for everyone. 

I really appreciate their effort to come and meet me =) 
And by effort I meant taking the bus and ktm all the way here.
So nice to see you guys matured into tall young ladies.

Around 6.30pm, our cousin, we called him 大哥 came to pick us for dinner. Coincidentally at that particular juncture, there's this Chinese ghost month celebration parade which blocked half of the road right in front of our hotel. Despite that 大哥 and 大嫂 still managed to find us after turning so many rounds. 大哥 brought us to this place which was famous for their 炖汤 (soup). It was so crowded that we have to wait for a while to get a seat. Unfortunately their well known 椰子汤 were sold out! So we get to taste other 炖汤 like 黒鸡药材汤. 

Here are some fun fact about the differences of ordering drinks between east and west Malaysia.
Instead of 豆奶, you call 豆浆 in west。
Instead of chinese teh ping, you call xuet cha (雪茶) in west。
Instead of kit chai bing, you call kat zai beng (cantonese) in west.
Seriously, they don't understand you.

(Photo taken from internet)

If you order kit zhai bing in west Malaysia, you'll get the left cloudy one. It's because they blender the whole kit zhai in it, that's what make it cloudy. It taste a little different than the right one. 
But still tasty =)

Thanks to 大哥 for the scrumptious dinner. I like the 梅菜猪肉. Then, 大哥 brought us to his house which we last visited 2 years ago. I get to see her 2nd daughter playing the ukulele, and I taught her a bit on how to answer english UPSR essay question by referring to the answer sheet. Heehee =) The smaller 2 were playing with smartphones. My 6 year old nephew knows how to download games. Can you imagine that? 6? When I was 6 all I had was colouring book. 

We bade goodbye around 10+pm as it was bed time for the children. 
Don't know when we'll get to meet each other again. =(

And there goes 2nd day of our holiday trip. 

Okay I'm gonna stop here. Wait for my 2nd post of the trip. Tata. 

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