Thursday, September 3, 2015

Family Gathering

It was a beautiful morning on 31st August, we had a road trip to Kota Marudu, my father's hometown. It has been 2 years since I've been to a road trip. 

While listening to some oldie songs in the cd (can't receive radio signal as their frequency are different in other region ), we stared in awe at the wonderful scenery of mountains and and paddy field. Once in a while you can see sapi and kerbau pacing their way to find fresh grass, or just laying on the warm grass by the road side enjoying the cars passing by. Not to mention cow dungs scattered all over here and there. We stopped by at Tuaran to have late breakfast before continuing our long journey.

2 and 1/2 hours later, we arrived at KM. My dad's mother's family side had organized a family gathering, it was held at one of his many cousins house. Tents were already set up. As soon as father stepped in the compound, he was so excited and couldn't wait to introduce us to his relatives, whom I have never met before. 

While he was mingling around to meet up with his long lost relative, mother and I sat at a corner like an idiot watching the kampung folks chatting in Dusun and busying themselves. The women were preparing lunch whereas some men are playing the gongs. Some relatives came and shook hands with us. All I can do was nod and smile as I didn't know how to greet them. 

While waiting for other guest to show up, we took a small group photo. This is the best shot they gave me.

More and more kampung people starting to fill up the chairs, the scorching heat from the sun forced us to move to the house. A few nenek released their inner diva and danced to their heart's content with the rhythm of the gongs. Event hadn'tt start yet, people were still waiting for the rest to come. I told mum that I'm hungry, tired, got headache from the gong's loudness and needed to get away from this place. So we informed dad and headed to KM town to scavenge for food while he stayed there.

We found KFC and had our meal there. The air-conditioned place was so comforting after sitting under the sun for hours. Then, we explored the small town with our hilux. The last time I was here was 7 years ago during my cousin's wedding. Many shops were built. It was quite a developed town I would say. 

Unfortunately, these are the only people who showed up from my grandma's descendant. 
That's my dad's oldest sister and her husband. 

We went back after finished venturing the town. The children were playing games. Oh did I mentioned I made cupcakes? Around 100 of em', vanilla and chocolate flavour. Dad said I missed the birthday event. There's this one nenek birthday, and somehow my cupcakes became her birthday cake. The MC even thank anak si "balihai" for making those cupcakes and wanted me to come up to the front and distribute the cupcakes. Thank God I was not there, I don't want to be the center of attention, and I don't understand a word they say. In the end, my dad gave out the cupcakes.

I never knew my dad's kampung name is "balihai". It's a type of small but agile squirrel he said. I guess that's what my father looked like when he was young. Mum and I were amused upon hearing it. We couldn't wait until the group photo session. Hence, 3pm we left and bid goodbyes to the kampung folks. I could see that dad was not willing to go back as he missed them so much. He hasn't meet some of these people for a long long time. My aunt gave us "belunu", a type of fruit that somewhat resembles mango, but with a hint of alcohol. On the way back we bought tarap, a type of fruit which can only be found in sabah, banana and coconut(super cheap).  

And there goes our exhausting yet meaningful road trip. Oh we end it by having bak kut teh at Gaya Street. 

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