Monday, September 21, 2015

Tips on going on a vacation

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind if you are going on a budget vacation in Malaysia.

1. Accommodation
-  Stay as near as the main interchange station like KL Sentral in Malaysia.
   ~ Easy to travel to any places plus you don't wanna walk too far to the hotel after a long tiring day.
-  Stay as near as the shop lot. 
  ~ Hotel foods/goods are more expensive.

2. Transport
-  Avoid taking taxi as much as possible. 
   ~ It cost more. 
   ~ It got stuck when there's traffic jam. ( higher charge)
   ~ You'll miss a lot of beautiful scenery that you can't get from LRT/Monorail.

3. Timing and Schedule
-  Avoid peak seasons like school holidays (if possible) or public holidays.
    ~ Famous places like theme parks will be extra crowded and tickets will cost higher too.
-  Always on the look out for promotional date. 
    ~ Eg. Ladies night, Fun Tuesdays.
-  Always plan early especially if you're going farther places from your original stay. 
   ~ It saves time, cost and energy. 
   ~ Sold out tickets can be a huge disappointment and can also alter the schedule of the entire trip. 

4. Preparations
-  Make sure you have a healthy body. 
   ~ Weak body leads to early fatigue. (I've been through this, trust me. It's though and painful.)
   ~ Exercise at least 2 weeks before. 
   ~ A pair of good shoes will help.
-  Bring all possible medication. 
  ~ Eg. Panadol, stomachache pills, motion sickness pills, koyok pads.
  ~ You don't wanna go around searching frantically for these things when things get bad.
  ~ Aroma therapy oil/lotion can help soothe all the tiredness. 

5. Others
-  Bring your student card for discounts.
-  Always have some snacks or bread in your bag especially on long journey.
  ~ Foods sold on the train/plane are more pricey.
-  Constantly restock your water supply.
   ~ Dehydration can lead to dizziness.  
-  Think twice before promising to bring back things for friends. 
   ~ Fragile sensitive things like cake.
-  Charge all your devices as soon as there are electric sources. (Power bank also helps.)
-  Pray for protection and good weather and be grateful.

Hope that you'll find all these tips profitable in your next vacation.
Have a nice trip =)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Jalan-Jalan Malaysia 2015 Part 3/3

Let's go on with the 3rd and last part of the holiday trip. *Phew*

Wednesday 9/9/2015

This day we head off to Batu caves via ktm to sight see some Indian culture and also to witness ourselves the world's tallest Lord Murugan. Since we went there early, the weather is just nice.

Be EXTRA cautious when you're mingling around with these monkeys. They can be very ferocious when it comes to food. I saw it grab a bag of keropok from a little boy RIGHT in front of me. 
By the way you can buy bananas from the stalls and feed them.

You have to take off shoes to enter these temples. So make sure you're not wearing nike or adidas.

These pigeons must be the happiest pigeons in the world. Almost every minute there's tourist throwing rices at them.

World's Tallest Lord Murugan. 

Stairway to heaven? It's quite a magnificent view.

I didn't go up. In fact I can't go up because of my shorts. You'll be charged RM5 for the sarong they'll provide you there. Once you come down you'll be returned RM2 as deposits. Ladies, heads up, no short skirts or shorts allowed. My dad had sore thighs after going up and down the  272 steps.

Next, we had lunch at one of the oldest kopitiam at Pasar Seni area and then strolled the famous Petaling Street. There's a sign board saying no selling of pirated products and yet the exact contrary were sold there. Speaking of irony.

Petaling Street. 

At 6pm, we decided to go Berjaya Times Square. 
This was my dad's first time taking a monorail. 
It was peak hour where people were going home after work. 
So imagine the smell you get from the sardined monorail.

This purple thing I'm standing on is actually liquid. When you stepped on it, the liquid will move around and make this awesome space like pattern.

Oh and the stairs behind my parents, they make piano key sounds when you stepped on it. 
As sakai as it sounds, isn't this cool!

Thursday 10/9/2015

The last day, we finally get the chance to go up the once tallest building in the world, the renowned Petronas Twin Tower. Last 2 time, we didn't get to go up because the ticket was completely sold out. So if you wanna make sure you get the ticket, go as early as 9am 
(not during peak seasons or weekends). 
RM 26.50 per person, you'll get discount if you have student card.

This is a hologram giving us briefing before entering the tower. 
I wasn't paying attention to what she said as I staring it in awe
Oh before that, we have to go through security check to make sure we didn't bring any bombs.

Breath taking view from the sky bridge at level 42. My feet were already shaking.
People with acrophobia are strongly advised not to go. 

Then we were brought to level 86 to have a closer look of the corn. 

This is actually an interactive computerized tv screen where you can play with your ticket to get the twin tower to appear.
 It was suppose to show a full twin tower, but I didn't get it. Ish!

Peeking on someone taking shower aye?

After a short 15 minutes, we were forced to go down to level 83. 

Behind my parents are the list of tallest building around the world.

Nice starry background with a fat model.
Then, after another short 10 minutes or so, we were forced to go down.
I hate it when we haven't get a full glimpse of everything and then we were forced to leave.
We spent only about half an hour on top.

There goes our entire trip to the top of Twin Towers.
It's a shame that it was kinda hazy that time. We couldn't get a clear view of KL. 
Should have visited it at night. Urgh! Why hadn't we thought of that?!

  Next, we dropped in at McDonald Nu Sentral to have our coffee break.

Then we head straight to the airport via bus (RM11 per person) after checking out.

At the waiting hall before departure. Oh the new airport is so HUGE! We have to walk like 15 minutes to get to our gate. And there's no massage chair nearby like in LCCT. Urgh!

Oh we also had our lunch at the airport. Now we know the reason why KFC is always so crowded. It's because KFC is the cheapest among the other eateries in the airport. 

These are popcorns we bought at Berjaya Times Square. 
It's called Eureka Popcorns and is actually quite nice. 
I especially like the butter caramel and cheese. 
Some are for my brother's friends. 

I'm so grateful for this trip. 
I thank the Lord over and over again for providing us this opportunity to have this family vacation and also protecting us all these while on the journey. It's actually not that hard to have a budget vacation. All you need to have is some planning and mobile data. 

Check out my upcoming post on tips of going on a budget vacation.
Hope you enjoy the read. =)

Jalan-Jalan Malaysia 2015 - Part 2/3

Let's continue with our journey.

Monday 7/9/2015

Today we went to Pulau Pinang via the newly introduced ETS, Electric Train Service. RM59 one way per person. It only took us 4 hours to get there. The train is brand new, it has 2 toilets in 2 different coaches and a small canteen(expensive food). Unfortunately, the seats given were reverse, so it made us felt dizzy. Luckily, we found some empty seats and sat the right forward way. 

Upon reaching there, we took a cab (RM67) to find a hotel. The taxi driver suggested Waldorf Hotel because just across the street is a food court. However,  the food court is only available at night. I was not feeling well, hence I stayed in the hotel and my family went to find food to fill their tummy. The hotel was very old which matches its budget price for double twin bedroom, RM96. Everything from the design to the furniture looked very 80's or 90's. They only provide us with 2 blanket, when we ask for 2 more, they only give us extra one. The worker there also dress very casually. Prepare to see these coming when u go for a budget hotel.

(Picture from internet)

My parents and brother went to jalan-jalan, they saw some rare street art that people didn't post in fb, they saw some rickshaw which charge RM40 per hour for city tour(you'll might want to consider the weather before you take the ride). They visited the chocolate museum and bought a few local white coffees. After resting for an hour, I'm feeling much better. Hence I joined them. We told the taxi driver to take us to the famous street art, but he insisted on Trick Art Museum, so we just went along. Thanks to him, we actually found this place awesome! RM 15 per person.

This optical illusion is mind blowing. You gotta go and experience it yourself.

This picture is a failure, the staff took it. And I was so regret for not telling him to take another shot. It was supposed to look like I'm sky diving, not lying on the ground like a piece of fat meat. 
Angle is so important here.

This thing made me dizzy. 

Both the transformer is at situated at the big padang there. 

After this, we hopped on a free bus ride and had a tour around the city. The buildings are very british colonial style, that's why it's called the city of heritage. You don't expect to see many sky scraper like in KL. Then we head back to our hotel via taxi while dad went and visited his niece at the hospital.

At night, we went to the food court across the street. I ordered a japanese style bbq chicken while my mum ordered chow kuey tiao. The people here just assumed that we can speak hokkien, the tao key, the taxi driver. Gosh! 

At night we couldn't sleep as there were live singing at the food court. Around 12am, the singing finally stopped. Then we can have our sleep. 

Tuesday 8/9/2015

4am in the morning, mum had to give the taxi driver a morning call as he needs to pick us at 5.30am to the train station. Guess what, our train departs at 7am, that's why!

Here's a thing about the ETS, it only has 2 ride per day. The 5pm ride was sold out, so only left 7am ride, we didn't think it through enough and straight away bought it. Now we were so regret, because of the early train schedule, we didn't get to visit Bukit Bendera, ride the tram and cable car. And most of all, I didn't get to visit the Logos Hope ship which coincidentally docked at Penang's jetty at that period. A friend of mine volunteered there. The ship is a missionary ship which travels from places to places preaching out and selling christian books. 


1 wrong decision can make you regret so much. I felt like the train ticket worth RM472 wasted just like that. So here's some tip from a 过来人, if you can't buy the 5pm ride, buy the next day early ride. Or you can go online buy the ticket early and get a good seat as well. Actually we bought the train ticket a day ahead, but still, it was sold out. =( =( =( =( 
Click here for the train schedule and e-ticket website.

Nevertheless we bought a lesson. *sigh*

Back in KL, we were there once again searching for hotel. I told my mum to find a better hotel as I don't want to end up in the same dirty bathroom again. 

We end up staying at Metro Hotel. RM 160 per night for double twin bed.
 You have to walk further but at least it's a 1 star budget hotel, 
higher class with complimentary coffee, hair dryer and CLEAN BATHROOM!
Oh by the way don't go to Lido Hotel, it smell like smokes and it's outdoor. 

(Picture from internet)

(Picture from internet)

After resting our leg for an hour, brother brought us to visit his residence and his school which is quite far than we expected, Taman Melati. 

At night, mum and I had our dinner at this nyonya restaurant at Nu Sentral whereas brother and dad go jalan-jalan.

 Reasonable price, nice ambiance and delicious food. 

Here ends our 4th day at KL. 
Stay tuned for the last post!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Jalan-Jalan Malaysia 2015 - Part 1/3

Just got an injection yesterday at the hospital because of feeling dizziness on and off these few days. Today finally felt a bit better and here I am reporting my holiday trip.

3 months ago, while mum was buying brother's coming back air ticket, she saw this very cheap air fair, only RM 69 one way per person. So we decided to go and visit him during his sem break.

Saturday  5/9/2015
Early morning, our kind neighbour dropped us off at the airport. Since we already checked in, so mum, dad and I were taking our time waiting at the departure hall of KKIA 2. I got to say, every time I board on an airplane, I'm still amazed at the sight of the land from above, and how human mind can create such huge machine that can fly us to our destination. 

Sabah island view 

The small portion of RM14 nasi lemak clearly just enough for alas perut, so upon reaching the new airport, we filled our stomach with KFC. Then we took a bus to KL Sentral to meet up with my brother. 

Right beside Nu Sentral are numerous hotels to choose from. I told mum I was already exhausted, so we chose the De Sentral Hotel right next to the escalator to Nu Sentral. It was a budget hotel costing us only RM115 per night with extra mattress. However, I didn't know it was so budget until the toilet was soooooo dirty as if it was never cleaned for years. Well, what to do, we just gonna have to suck it up and continue as we already paid for 2 nights stay. 

After resting for an hour, we carry on with our next activity - attend MATTA fair or see Gary live in person! With my brother's 4 months experience in KL, he brought us to PWTC which was the fair was held. It was soooooo crowded, but I bet a lot of them came for Gary. Entrance ticket is RM4 each person, and after walking a quite a distance to another hall, we finally came to the stage. It was already filled with people. Mum and I maneuvered ourselves to get the best view. 

Amber Chia walking the hanbok. 
Some of the chit chatty malay girls beside me kept saying "boringlah".
I felt like want to tell them to shut up. It's already so hot in here. 
We are all waiting patiently for the big star to show up.

5.30pm, our long awaited Gary finally showed up. People from behind pushed us forward to get a better glimpse of their idol. The whole experience was so overwhelming. Our legs are sore, people are pushing from every direction, screaming, chit chatting and sweating. I almost gave up but I didn't. I eventually get to see him in person. Mum said he was kinda short, and I thought that his voice is more hoarse than in tv. He came here to promote Korea, and we were disappointed that he didn't perform anything.  

There he was, interviewed by a local host, Nabil. 
I'm not going to attend any event like this anymore, no matter how huge the star is going to show up. Yes, including Hollywood biggest star like Emma Watson or Angelina Jolie. 

Then we head off to Sunway Mall (right beside PWTC) to have our dinner at Kenny Rogers. By the time we reached our hotel we were already extremely fatigue and went right to bed after a hot shower. It felt like I had the longest walk in my life. 

Sunday 6/9/2015

We woke up late today and had our brunch at Restaurant One Sentral (I have another story, wait for another post). Their Ban Mian was large at only RM 6 and delicious too compare to here in Sabah. 
Then I had a small reunion with my UTAR classmate. Unfortunately only 2 are able to showed up. The rest just wouldn't bothered to reply you. This reminds my why I hate organizing events. While that happened, mum and dad met a relative at the same mall. FYI, Nu sentral is a new mall situated right next to KL Sentral. So if you wanna meet someone, just make it there. Easy for everyone. 

I really appreciate their effort to come and meet me =) 
And by effort I meant taking the bus and ktm all the way here.
So nice to see you guys matured into tall young ladies.

Around 6.30pm, our cousin, we called him 大哥 came to pick us for dinner. Coincidentally at that particular juncture, there's this Chinese ghost month celebration parade which blocked half of the road right in front of our hotel. Despite that 大哥 and 大嫂 still managed to find us after turning so many rounds. 大哥 brought us to this place which was famous for their 炖汤 (soup). It was so crowded that we have to wait for a while to get a seat. Unfortunately their well known 椰子汤 were sold out! So we get to taste other 炖汤 like 黒鸡药材汤. 

Here are some fun fact about the differences of ordering drinks between east and west Malaysia.
Instead of 豆奶, you call 豆浆 in west。
Instead of chinese teh ping, you call xuet cha (雪茶) in west。
Instead of kit chai bing, you call kat zai beng (cantonese) in west.
Seriously, they don't understand you.

(Photo taken from internet)

If you order kit zhai bing in west Malaysia, you'll get the left cloudy one. It's because they blender the whole kit zhai in it, that's what make it cloudy. It taste a little different than the right one. 
But still tasty =)

Thanks to 大哥 for the scrumptious dinner. I like the 梅菜猪肉. Then, 大哥 brought us to his house which we last visited 2 years ago. I get to see her 2nd daughter playing the ukulele, and I taught her a bit on how to answer english UPSR essay question by referring to the answer sheet. Heehee =) The smaller 2 were playing with smartphones. My 6 year old nephew knows how to download games. Can you imagine that? 6? When I was 6 all I had was colouring book. 

We bade goodbye around 10+pm as it was bed time for the children. 
Don't know when we'll get to meet each other again. =(

And there goes 2nd day of our holiday trip. 

Okay I'm gonna stop here. Wait for my 2nd post of the trip. Tata. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Transitioning - Inside Out

Just watched Inside Out, aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddddd it was not as interesting as I hope for. I guessed I put to much expectation on a disney movies.

I didn't know human mind can have 25 different possible emotions.

The movie reminded me of my childhood, just like Riley, the little girl in the movie, who had trouble adapting to new environment.

Before I moved into my current house, we lived in a government quarters. It was a tiny yet cozy house with only 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. And yes, every time the bathroom is occupied, the other has to go to the public bathroom which was rumored to be haunted. It was kinda scary though.

However despite all that, as a child, my brother and I enjoyed the stay there a lot. There are so many facilities we can use like basketball court, open badminton court (can't play it properly because of the wind), ping pong table, and carrom board. It was a small community with only a few neighbours. The area is so spacious, there are bushes, flowers, and a huge grassland which got trimmed every now and then by the gardener. We don't feel hot from the scorching sun as there are many trees to provide shades and breeze. Ahhhh..... that was pure joy!

In the evening, children will come out to play. We play all sorts of games. We drew hopscotch on the cement floor, we played nyawa-nyawa ikan (the person who got hit will be ousted), bubut-bubut (chasing) and tapuk-tapuk (hide and seek). I always got bullied and I hated that.

It got better during rainy season, Puddles of water is the best playground for us whereas the drain will be a place for the frog to lay eggs. We will observe the tadpoles and catch them, but sadly caught tadpoles usually couldn't survived. I think it's because of the chlorine water. Poor tadpoles. Got killed by innocent children.

It was heavenly until.....

8 years ago, mum was transferred to head quarter and made us moved to our newly renovated house.
Everything changed.

No more playing with neighbours, no more free facilities, no more green mother nature around us.We have to rearrange our schedule as now we are so far away from school(or everywhere), we have to deal with the traffic jams, last time it was only 5 minute journey from house to school. It was really bad. We didn't attend church as often as we did, and we stopped going to our church Sports Sunday where I can enjoy badminton and line dances with the aunties.

It was totally devastating. All my favorite past time activities just ceased like that.

Nevertheless, every cloud has a silver lining.
At least now we have a bigger house, with 2 toilets! I don't have to be embarrassed every time if there are guest coming over to visit. And I'm still surrounded by mother nature, but instead of green, it's blue! Yes, our house is located by the seaside!

In life, we can't avoid transitioning, it may be though at first, but you'll get used to it.
Tomorrow my family will be going to KL to have our holiday trip of the year.
Am so exhilarated right now.
Will report to you 1 week later.