Friday, August 21, 2015

We are together again.

Last Sunday few of us went to our dear Teh's house for a short reunion. Teh has a lovely house, simple, modern and stylish. Talking about modern day home decor, I was completely in awe when I first saw her blooming ceiling fan/light. I am so getting one of those when my parents decided to change the ceiling fan. Oh sakai me...

Moving on, as the others reached, we started to make our first ever group project : Steamed Brownies!

It turned out nice and moist, just like the baked ones.

Then Teh played her ukulele to entertain us. By the way Teh has 5 musical instruments in her house!

Then Teh and her sis prepared spiral pasta with tomato sauce for us. Thanks Teh and sis for the meal and hosting this gathering. Hopefully we'll have another gathering and make cheese cake next time.

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