Monday, August 24, 2015

Lion Heart

When a friend of mine posted the 40 seconds teaser of SNSD upcoming new song Lion Heart, I instantaneously fell in love with the song, and I'm obsessed with it even more after I watched the full version.

I don't usually listen to K-pop, nor a SNSD fans myself, and I don't like to watch any MVs, because it changes scenes every 1-2 seconds, it's making me dizzy watching it. Don't believe me? Count it.

However, I love everything about this MV and the music. The theme, the choreography, the song and the tempo. It's vintage, it's catchy, it just felt right.

I'm learning the choreography now, but I'm not going to upload it in youtube coz ain't nobody gonna watch a fat ugly girl dancing and killing the song.

Here's Lion Heart by SNSD chords in C Key that I roughly figured it out. Original key is D. Please inform me if it can be improved. Enjoy.


woo~ neowa na cheom mannasseul ttae
woo~ machi sajacheoreom maemdolda
F                                                                   C
gihoereul noryeo nae mam ppaeseun neo

ah~ neon dallajin ge eobseo yeojeonhae
nan aega tago tto ta
F                                                               C
sanyanggam chaja han nun paneun neo

Dm                                                Am
subaek beon mireonaeya haetneunde
Dm                                                       G
sucheon beon neol tteonaya haetneunde

Tell me why
         G/B                                    Am
wae mami mami jakku heundeullini
        G                                    F
nan yeogi yeogi ne yeope itjanhni
                Em                Dm      G
jeonsin charyeo Lion heart

nan aega ta
       G/B                                     Am
nae mami mami deoneun sikji anhge
          G                                     F
nan yeogijeogi ttwinoneun neoui mam
            Em                Dm              G
gildeurillae Lion heart

Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Repeat with same chords.

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