Friday, August 28, 2015

The Brain Drain

In conjunction with our upcoming national day, there's this ad showing about Malaysian movies. I was curious to see why Fast and Furious 7 was one of them. Then I realized they were referring to the director of the movie, James Wan, who appears to be a Malaysian born.

Just because he was born in Malaysia, doesn't mean the movie he directed is considered a Malaysian movie.  
Let's ponder about it.
Was he raised in Malaysia? No.
Wikipedia clearly stated his nationality is Australian. He was raised there.
Was the movie made in Malaysia? No.
Did Malaysia provided him the opportunity to become who he is right now? No.
Do you think he can outshine so many directors out there if he develop his career in Malaysia? 
Given the circumstances in our country, I highly doubt that.

Hence, that ad is so misleading. It's taking credit for other people's work who has nothing to do with our country. 

Do you know why Malaysian like to pursue their career in other country?
It's because ours can't give them the platform to let their talent shine and appreciated.

For instance, Angelica Lee Sin Je, Penny Tai, Fish Leong, Ah Niu, Gary Cao, and Nicholas Teo. These people started their career in Taiwan and currently still based in Taiwan. They made huge breakthrough there. Now their songs were internationally known by every mandarin speaking people in every corner of the world. So please don't say that they found success in Malaysia. It was another country which had discovered their talent and offered them the once in a life time opportunity. 

Same goes to Shila Amzah (China), Michelle Yeoh (Hong Kong) and Jimmy Choo (England). 

Talking about breakthrough, Malaysia is pacing its way (very slowly) in the movie industry, last year The Journey was a box office hit. Kudos to that. Nevertheless, it's still a long way to catch up with our neighboring country like Thailand and Singapore. 

Anyhow Happy National Day people. Hopefully we'll have a breakthrough politically and economically in the near future. Really got fed up with the negative news presented to us these days. 

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