Friday, August 28, 2015

The Brain Drain

In conjunction with our upcoming national day, there's this ad showing about Malaysian movies. I was curious to see why Fast and Furious 7 was one of them. Then I realized they were referring to the director of the movie, James Wan, who appears to be a Malaysian born.

Just because he was born in Malaysia, doesn't mean the movie he directed is considered a Malaysian movie.  
Let's ponder about it.
Was he raised in Malaysia? No.
Wikipedia clearly stated his nationality is Australian. He was raised there.
Was the movie made in Malaysia? No.
Did Malaysia provided him the opportunity to become who he is right now? No.
Do you think he can outshine so many directors out there if he develop his career in Malaysia? 
Given the circumstances in our country, I highly doubt that.

Hence, that ad is so misleading. It's taking credit for other people's work who has nothing to do with our country. 

Do you know why Malaysian like to pursue their career in other country?
It's because ours can't give them the platform to let their talent shine and appreciated.

For instance, Angelica Lee Sin Je, Penny Tai, Fish Leong, Ah Niu, Gary Cao, and Nicholas Teo. These people started their career in Taiwan and currently still based in Taiwan. They made huge breakthrough there. Now their songs were internationally known by every mandarin speaking people in every corner of the world. So please don't say that they found success in Malaysia. It was another country which had discovered their talent and offered them the once in a life time opportunity. 

Same goes to Shila Amzah (China), Michelle Yeoh (Hong Kong) and Jimmy Choo (England). 

Talking about breakthrough, Malaysia is pacing its way (very slowly) in the movie industry, last year The Journey was a box office hit. Kudos to that. Nevertheless, it's still a long way to catch up with our neighboring country like Thailand and Singapore. 

Anyhow Happy National Day people. Hopefully we'll have a breakthrough politically and economically in the near future. Really got fed up with the negative news presented to us these days. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Lion Heart

When a friend of mine posted the 40 seconds teaser of SNSD upcoming new song Lion Heart, I instantaneously fell in love with the song, and I'm obsessed with it even more after I watched the full version.

I don't usually listen to K-pop, nor a SNSD fans myself, and I don't like to watch any MVs, because it changes scenes every 1-2 seconds, it's making me dizzy watching it. Don't believe me? Count it.

However, I love everything about this MV and the music. The theme, the choreography, the song and the tempo. It's vintage, it's catchy, it just felt right.

I'm learning the choreography now, but I'm not going to upload it in youtube coz ain't nobody gonna watch a fat ugly girl dancing and killing the song.

Here's Lion Heart by SNSD chords in C Key that I roughly figured it out. Original key is D. Please inform me if it can be improved. Enjoy.


woo~ neowa na cheom mannasseul ttae
woo~ machi sajacheoreom maemdolda
F                                                                   C
gihoereul noryeo nae mam ppaeseun neo

ah~ neon dallajin ge eobseo yeojeonhae
nan aega tago tto ta
F                                                               C
sanyanggam chaja han nun paneun neo

Dm                                                Am
subaek beon mireonaeya haetneunde
Dm                                                       G
sucheon beon neol tteonaya haetneunde

Tell me why
         G/B                                    Am
wae mami mami jakku heundeullini
        G                                    F
nan yeogi yeogi ne yeope itjanhni
                Em                Dm      G
jeonsin charyeo Lion heart

nan aega ta
       G/B                                     Am
nae mami mami deoneun sikji anhge
          G                                     F
nan yeogijeogi ttwinoneun neoui mam
            Em                Dm              G
gildeurillae Lion heart

Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh

Repeat with same chords.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Help

I just watch another inspiring movie and I gotta share it with y'all.

This story is about a young writer who wanted to write a book about colored maids working for their white families. The main theme here is about racism. 

It was an eye opener for me as I never knew what is it like racism in America. Watching this movie gave me an insight of how the so called coloured people are poorly treated back then. It's quite a sad thing to see there is a huge gap difference between 2 equally same human being.

I don't understand why they don't use proper english, it actually bothers me. 
In fact a lot of movies also have this kind of problem.

I have always wanted to know about American history. It's a shame that it's not in our syllabus.  All we have learnt in 5 years of history class in secondary school are our country's journey to independent. Our education system just sucks! We have never learnt about the Opium war, Civil War, WWI and II, The Holocaust and many other great historical events.

Movie companies should produce more inspiring movies like this. Last month, I subscribe to astro movie pack, when I go through the tv schedule, I found out that 80% of these movies are action thriller. They are either about chasing and killing between the outlaws and law enforcer (FBI, CIA, LAPD, NYPD, Private Detective, ex-cop and superheroes), or aliens invading America.

This genre is becoming overrated and redundant. However when I think about it, there are reasons why they keep making action thrillers, it's because of demand, most audience like exciting, heart-pumping, adrenaline rushing movies with a lot of CGIs. Unlike me, I prefer these type of slower pace, heart-stirring flicks, but not TOO slow like the Tibetan movie Thangka. Don't watch it if you don't have the patience. I'm still wondering why it was listed in the A-List movies.

On the other hand, 80% of Fox Family movies are about dogs and most of the movies are at least 10 years old. So if you like action thrillers and dogs, this movie package is definitely for you.

Anyway I'm not going to spoil the beans, watch it for yourself.
Trust me, it's worth your 2 hours time.
I would not recommend it if it has no 90 nominations with 36 wins
It's available on iflix.

Friday, August 21, 2015

We are together again.

Last Sunday few of us went to our dear Teh's house for a short reunion. Teh has a lovely house, simple, modern and stylish. Talking about modern day home decor, I was completely in awe when I first saw her blooming ceiling fan/light. I am so getting one of those when my parents decided to change the ceiling fan. Oh sakai me...

Moving on, as the others reached, we started to make our first ever group project : Steamed Brownies!

It turned out nice and moist, just like the baked ones.

Then Teh played her ukulele to entertain us. By the way Teh has 5 musical instruments in her house!

Then Teh and her sis prepared spiral pasta with tomato sauce for us. Thanks Teh and sis for the meal and hosting this gathering. Hopefully we'll have another gathering and make cheese cake next time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The incomprehensible sitcom.

I recently found a website which said it offers thousand of hours of tv programmes online for only RM8 per month. At first I thought wow, this is actually a good bargain, HOWEVER, as I scroll through the content offered, I was disappointed to see that many movies that I wanted to see are not there. So never mind, I tried to watch others, again, HUGE disappointment, most of them have no subtitle, only a few of them have thai subtitle. How am I suppose to understand the dialogues if there are no subtitles? I'm the kind of person when watching a movie or anything, needs to fully understand the content, or else it would just be a waste of time.

Nevertheless, I manage to find something to watch which have both Malay and English subtitle. Thank God !!! Can you guess which is it?

Yeap, it's The Big Bang Theory.

I have always wanted to watch this sitcom but never had the chance. 

The sitcom is about the journey of 4 quirky scientist to finding true love, and a lot of the time, sex.
Sheldon, the boastful and irritating one, sometimes I just wanna punch him in the face.
Leonard, the most normal among the group.
Howard, the womanizer, who fails most of the time.
Raj, the Indian who can't talk to woman unless with alcohol.

Oh and Penny, the only female and non scientist in the group, she is their neighbour and also a waitress.

I got to say, it is extremely difficult to fully understand what Sheldon is talking about all the time. I had to switch to Malay subtitle to kept myself from keeping on looking up the dictionary every 2 minutes. Sheldon always use profound words like coitus instead of sex, or fallacious instead of wrong. Now you see my pain? The character of Sheldon made me hate and love him at the same time. He is like an intelligent version of Mr. Bean. He doesn't quite follow the social norm, his inability to understand sarcasm most of the time amuses me. 

I laughed so hard watching this. =)

I just finished 3 seasons in 1 week and I'm currently watching Season 4. I'm very disappointed with the character Amy. She's just a female version of Sheldon. Plus she talks like a robot, she's even more boring than Sheldon. Anyhow I still can't wait to see how the socially inept Sheldon develop feelings for his soon to be girlfriend in the next season. 

In the first 2 seasons, Sheldon and Penny always fight, and I was kinda hoping that they'll be together, a waitress and a scientist, the juxtaposition of these 2 will be terrific. By the way, I was extremely impressed by Jim Parsons who played Sheldon in the sitcom, I don't know if there's a tv screen in front of him showing his lines or something, but he definitely can say all those long and complicated terminologies and lines in one breath. Whether he memorize it or has wordings to help him, he is a splendid actor !

Anyway, if you'd like to watch it, you can go to

1 fun fact about Jim Parsons, he is gay. Oh and he doesn't look like 42.