Sunday, July 26, 2015

A real pearl

After talking about it for a month, finally last Tuesday Teh came to visit me.

I taught her to make dumplings. And she said that's the biggest dumpling that she had ever eaten in her whole entire life. Well let's just say my family like things a little bigger =)
It's is her first time making dumplings too.

After savoring our delicious handmade dumplings, Teh taught me how to make bracelet!
With her skilled little hands and experience, her bracelet was finished within half an hour.
I took 30 minute more than her as this is my first time. Guess what, these are REAL pearls!
Thanks Teh. I never would have guess you would bring real ones for me.
Ain't this a beauty!

Moving on, we sang songs of praises and worship. I played the piano, she played her ukulele.
It's my first time seeing it this up close and holding it. No pictures, sorry. Teh is not the taking picture type. We sang and sang and sang, Mr. Time is very cruel. Before we knew it, it was time for Teh to leave. She brought home some of the dumplings. My mother gave her some coconuts and durians from kampung. I actually shed a tear while watching her leaving. It was the shortest 6 hours in my life.
My belated birthday present. 

It has been so long until I forgot what it is like to be happy. Happiness is as simple as having a good friend, enjoying each other's company.

Real pearl is hard to find.
All it need is a single grain of sand to make it happen.
So does friendship.

Thanks Teh for coming over. I really enjoy having you here. I hope when you have free time, we'll have the chance to meet again.

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