Tuesday, June 9, 2015

We are perfectly imperfect.

Human is not perfect, however it is perfect to be imperfect.

We often think that our idols are perfect, apparently, they are just like anyone of us - normal human.   In social media, I saw a lot of these loyal fans always comment that their favorite idols like Beyonce or Taylor Swift are flawless, celebrity couples are perfect couples. In fact, I am one of them too. I used to adore Running Man members so much, at one point I deem them as impeccable beings. However, my recent findings changed my perspective. 

In RM episode 243, Ji Suk Jin was caught smoking e-cigarette. How could he smoke while filming is still on ? Thanks to the carelessness of the editing team, now the whole world knew about his bad habits. These die-hard RM fan sure have very sharp eyes for noticing that detail.

Next, the goddess that every guys are drooling on, Ji Hyo, is a club-goer and drinker according to an interview with Ji Suk Jin. In the early episodes, Kwang Soo was said to be framing her, well it looks like Kwang Soo was telling the truth. I also can't accept the fact that Ji Hyo accepted the role of the queen in "The Fronzen Flower". I never watch that movie before, but it is advised that you do not watch if you don't want to ruin the good beautiful impression of Ji Hyo.

Thirdly and sadly, my favorite RM member, Gary.
Oh, his flaws? He has a cursing habit. Why did he wanted to curse in episode 248? Because he was so furious at Kwang Soo for betraying him. Typical Kwang Soo!

Oh and I just found out that Gary has tattoo! How come I didn't notice that? It's because he always wrap his arm with a white cloth, I often see that in the show, but I never wonder why. 

By the way, I just found out that Ji Suk Jin has an amazing voice! I wouldn't have known that he sang this chinese song if the title didn't mention his name. Listen to his newest song entitled 《发卡》or "Hair Clip". Instantly fell in love with this ballad.

His chinese pronunciation is way better than Ji Hyo's song《你好可爱》 or 《You Are So Cute》. A very catchy song, quite nice. 

A reminder to all of us, people around us may not be perfect, but that's how we are created, so let's just focus on their strong point, in Running Man's member case - entertaining audience.

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