Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teachers Part 2

In the previous post, I had mentioned a few good teachers. 
Hence, this post is going to be the exact opposite. 
In our school, good class student are often called teacher's pet, which means the student was teacher's favorite and did everything the teacher said. Well I'm definitely not one of them.

Here's a teacher that left nothing but traumatic memories in me. Lets call her teacher C.
Instead of finding ways to pass us some valuable knowledge, she took her time to scold us, told us non-educational crap and punished us to copy many long essays and expected us to hand in the next day, we didn't even bother to read the essays as we were already too busy copying until our hands were sore, one of my classmate's mother even helped her son to copy it. Guess what, she didn't manage to finish the syllabus. 

We all hated her.

Next, in form 2, I was the head prefect. Teacher C just so happen to be one of the disciplinary board teacher. I was panned practically everyday in school, in class, in front of everybody.  Yes I made mistakes, you can rectify me, but I just don't think the public humiliation was necessary. Furthermore, most of it were prefect stuffs and trivial matters, what it has to do with my other non-prefect classmates? She's literally 鸡蛋里挑骨头。

Not only it's bad for her as she was pregnant that time, she was also wasting other classmate's time. Almost everyday I was crying back home. Every time I'm in her class, I felt disgusted and kept cursing her in my head, yes I really loathe her back then. I received news that all her children have certain conditions, I think that is her comeuppance.  I guess we'll never see eye to eye with each other.

Another lunatic teacher existed in my school. Let's call her teacher D.
There's one time my friend and I join a competition, but she decided to withdraw herself at the last minute. So I, being the brave one went and told teacher D as she was the teacher in charge that time. It was in a room, she was busy doing other stuff, I stood by her side and told her about the withdrawal. She showed no reaction, totally ignoring me. I thought she didn't hear it. So I told her again. Still no reply. Not knowing what to do, I left. I didn't know that storm was building up and coming on my way.

One day in teacher D's class, she distributed all my classmates files except for mine and my friend's. She threw it on the floor shocking the entire class, then continued her lesson without explaining about her act. I once again being the brave one stepped forward to collect the files on the floor. The next thing transpired was the most astounding thing happened in my life. She burst into a huge rage, started scolding me and my friend. I don't know from where did I get the courage to talk back to her, but I just did, I guess I was also infuriated that time. What happened next? I was taken to the penyelia petang (afternoon session head supervisor ) to be questioned for my conduct. I think I got demerit after that. 

My other classmate's father knew about it, he backed me up and said a teacher shouldn't have acted that way. Since then, I never have peace in her class. I spent 3 crappy years with this psycho, I was scolded and nitpicked every time in her class, I cried, my classmates were all aware about this and they always come and console me after that. I think I had minor depression back then.
"We should forgive, but never forget." 
I'll never forget those horrible days in my life. 

There's another teacher, this time it transpired few days before UPSR.
This teacher realized that he didn't teach us enough, I remembered vividly he uttered this sentence:
"If I have another week with you, I would have taught you this and that."
Yeah right, if you had used your time wisely, you wouldn't have said these 风凉话。
Guess what, he was our english teacher. Now I know why my english was so bad back then.


Oh there's another teacher, I promise this is the last one, I don't know when did I offended her, but she just didn't seem to like me. It was in primary 5, we were told to decorate the classroom, I printed out the chinese proverb "礼多人不怪"  it means good mannered people doesn't get blamed, and posted it on the wall. When she came in and saw that decoration, with a hint of anger, she said: "所以礼少人就怪啦?!"

I felt an indirect rebuff of my decoration, hence I sorrowfully removed that decoration from the wall.

In a nutshell, there are good teachers and bad teachers. Appreciate the good ones, especially teachers who find creative ways to pass knowledge to you. 

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