Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Teachers Part 1

This is actually one of the best quotes about teachers.

I've met quite a few teachers who inspired me, they inspired me to score A in their subjects, that time I was in the elite class.  They told us about successful people around the world, they shared their own experiences on how to study smart, they boasted about their ex-students who scored straight As in their exams.

However, I think that the greatest teacher is that she/he is not only able to inspire you, but also able to make you fall in love with that subject. I've met one and I fell deeply in love with that subject since.

It was in back in form 2, she's our class teacher and english teacher. Let's call her teacher A.
That time my english was so-so, I couldn't speak it fluently either as english was not my first language.

Teacher A has a very unique method of teaching that subject. I remember that we have to do presentation. Instead of some old boring topic like "Ways to increase the awareness of some society problems", we are told to make a presentation on making our own food. Any food that we like.

I made watermelon juice. I recall bringing my own blender and watermelon. We have to explain the process while making our own food. Some of my classmates made sandwiches, salads etc. After finishing our product, Teacher A got to taste our food.

The remark : My watermelon juice was not sweet enough.
Oops! I guess I put too little sugar in my drink.

But all in all we enjoy the whole process, no one fell asleep. It was really fun watching other classmates doing their presentation. We get to share our foods with each other too.

Apart from that, we were given a very special homework. We have to write weekly diary and hand it to teacher every week. We can write anything. There was one time, I wrote about finding out the difference between "breath" and "breathe". Sadly to say that I only discovered about that when I was 14. Well, no one had ever taught me that before! In fact a lot of english grammar and words I learn it by myself. Teacher A was happy to see that and gave me words of encouragement.

Teacher A also helped us to increase our vocabulary through fun games. After our final exam by the end of the year, we were to perform a skit based on the story of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. The whole class burst out in laughter watching them acting.

Ah....Good times.
Since then, I've been madly in love with english and never cease to increase my vocabs.

I also wanted to contribute my improvement of english to another english teacher.
Let's call her teacher B.
It was in form 4, teacher B introduced us to a whole new genre of writing - narrative story.
It was totally brand new for us as we have never written any narrative stories before. In the previous years, we were only taught how to write short simple essay about general issues.

I was completely dumbfounded by the wide range, profound and never-seen-before english words and expressions that teacher B used to teach us. She taught us to use high vocab in our essays, for instance "ecstatic" instead of "happy", "bizarre" instead of "weird" etc. We were given many sample essays to learn about expressions, we also have to use the given free newspaper by the school (one of the privileges of being in the first class) to learn more new complicated vocabs. Since then, my usage of english vocabs was upgraded.

Click here to read my narrative essay.

Here are another 2 teachers worth mentioning. 
Both these 2 teachers are the most dedicated teacher I've seen in my life. They are also very stern.

First is my piano teacher.  She made sure I practice everyday. That time, I didn't have a piano, so I had to practice on my faulty organ. She would print out many sight reading materials for me. She would make sure my fingering was right by writing down all the numbers on the music sheet for me. She wrote her own finger exercise sheets and handouts for her student to practice.

Guess what, both our hard work paid off. I got the highest score in the Trinity piano grade 3 exam. However the medal was given to another younger girl who scored the same as me. I just don't think it's fair that age is the factor of decision for tied score.

Secondly, my primary school chinese teacher. She is extremely strict. Those who didn't finish her homework would get caned in front of the class. At one point, she was so mad at one of the student, she caned so hard until the rattan was broken. But I know her intention, she just wanted to make sure we finish her homework. She made us write a lot of essays. 

During recess, unlike other teachers who had long gone to the canteen to have their meal, she would sat in the class alone to mark our essays. When our essays were handed back, I can see that she was very detailed in correcting it. She wrote down neatly all the correct words or sentence for us so that not only we know our mistake, but also know how it was supposed to be written. Her handwriting is very nice and tidy too. She's the only teacher who make all those effort. Ever since then, I've never found anyone like her anymore. Hence I really appreciate her hard work and it paid off. My worst subject, chinese scored A in UPSR. 

Thanks to all these good teachers in my life. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have achieve so much.
May they continue to produce good students and also inspire them to achieve more. 
God bless them.

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