Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Now that is classic!

I was once told by my friend that I was born in the wrong generation. It's because of my song preferences, I'm lovin the classics! Unlike the modern songs which are noisy and have repetitive lyrics just to make the song sound catchy, the classics' melody are tranquilizing and harmonious, and most importantly, no meaningless lyrics or rapping. I'm not so fond of rapping.   

Whenever there is no show that I'm interested in astro (despite hundreds of channels available), I'll listen to astro Radio channel 861, where golden classics from the 50's to 80's are played throughout whole day.

Here are my top 10 favorite oldies.

1. "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by The Platters in 1958.

2. "Close To You" by The Carpenters in 1970 (Olivia Ong's version is not bad)


3. "Only You" by The Platters in 1955

4. "Oh! Carol" by Neil Sedaka in 1958

5. "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" by Brian Hyland in 1960

6. "Killing Me Softly With His Song" by Roberta Flack in 1973

7. "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" by Stevie Wonder in 1973

8. "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Frankie Vallie in 1967

9. "L.O.V.E" by Nat King Cole in 1965.

10. "You Light Up My Life" by Kasey Cisyk in 1977 

This is the more popular version by Whitney Houston 

That's all for now. Will tell you more when I discover more golden classics. Enjoy.

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