Sunday, June 21, 2015


I never write anything about my father. Even in school essays, mother or grandparents comes first.
So this post is dedicated to him as a token of appreciation. 

Father is not some big company CEO or some high intellect professionals.
He's just another regular employee who earn monthly income from his humble job as a lorry driver.
Nonetheless, he is very loyal to job, he treated the company properties just like his. 
He made sure the lorry was cleaned and tidy. 

I used to be ashamed of my father, because he can't afford us a good car. 
I still remember vividly I was teased by my classmate for the old car that my mum used to  drove us to school. Hence, I was afraid of telling other's about his job. In my History project, I wrote him as a supervisor to sound more profound.

However as I grew older, I started to appreciate his great work.
With my father's years of useful experiences, he knew the distance, the duration and the direction to get there. He is literally a living GPS. He can memorize practically all the roads and buildings in Sabah. 
No kidding!

Without father, his company couldn't deliver all the goods in time. 
Now I'm proud to say that my father is a reliable and devoted lorry driver! 

How a person behave is how a person brought up. 
I guess his family didn't express much love to him when he was young.  
Father doesn't talk much, especially to his family. Unlike other fathers who give kisses, hugs or endearment, I never receive those as far as I could remember. 

The sad thing is, I have more things to say to my heavenly father than my biological father.
Does the word biological sound too technical or scientific?
Instead, I recall we received punishment for being naughty and noisy.
If he couldn't find a rattan, he would just use his belt to whip us.

Occasionally, he asks about our exam result or when I won something in a competition, he'll give me a high five as a compliment. 
That's all.

I have always jealous of my friends who can get so close with their father.Their father also can afford everything they wanted. Branded clothing, expensive toys/gadgets and luxury family vacation.
But then, life doesn't always goes your way. 
My counselor once told me, if you insisted on wanting these people to go with your way, you won't be happy and might end up in a broken family. I learnt to let go of my perfectionist self. I'm still learning. 

Think of the other way, at least father doesn't smoke, drink, gamble or go out messing around. 
He made sure all his income are well spent on household necessities. 
He's just a simple man with a simple straight mind. 

Three fast facts about father.

1. He has low laughing point(I couldn't find the english translation for 笑点). He can burst out in laughter at the slightest funny action. Mr. Bean and Jackie Chan are his favorites. He also likes action kung fu movies.

2. He is a connoisseur in repairing. He can fix almost anything faulty in the house. Washing machine, plumbing, car engine etc. 

3. He can also make things from scratch!  He'll make use of the leftover materials to make new things like a mobile shoe rack, mobile cloth rack and even a chicken coop! In fact a lot of things in our house were handmade or second hand refurbished to look new. Gee, that save us a lot of money!

In a nutshell, be grateful of what your father did to raise you up. He might not be the best father or expressive fathers just like fathers the Superman Returns, but deep down in your heart, you know that they care and love you.

Thanks Dad. Happy Fathers Day!
God bless all the wonderful fathers in the world.

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