Thursday, June 11, 2015

Direct Sales

I  bet most of you have heard of the term Direct Sales before, it basically means selling things to people around you to earn extra income, especially in this economic crisis.

It's not a doubt that direct sales can indeed help you make more money, many had come out to testify this. These successful people have rankings and titles, usually named after jewelry/metal like Diamond, Gold, Silver etc. 

However, there are pros and cons of joining direct sales.

3 years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to A company. I was 18, young and fresh, knew nothing about direct sales. After hearing their perfect plan about earning extra cash, I decided to join them.
I attended their meetings, which was quite interesting, you get to see successful leaders from local as well as overseas coming over to share their stories and experiences. This is actually quite motivating. You also get to meet a lot of friends, and learn all their wonderful overpriced products.

After I started to recruit my down line, I found out a few essential things that one would require:
1. Mobility
2. Cheeky attitude
3. Huge determination

It was not as easy as I thought. I got mostly rejection, whether directly or indirectly.

Almost around that time, a few other friends also tried to recruit me to join their respective company.
A friend once told me that, she regretted it very much after joining it.
Here's the reason why, some company require you to buy their costly product in order to become a member. 

Ever wonder how expensive it is? Not RM500, not RM1000,
but a whopping RM 3000+, one slimming company's membership fees can even hike up to RM4800.
This means that, once you have joined them, you gotta continue it no matter what. Or else, all your money would be wasted. By the way, my friends who had invested a huge amount of money on that programme, still not in very good shape. I am so thankful that I didn't fall into their trap, and the A company that I joined only requires RM90, 

My point here is, be careful when you join these type of direct sales. It's because, you gotta keep recruiting people to become you down line and buying your products, usually there's a time frame given. That means tons of rejection and pressure are waiting ahead of you, so if you are not persistent enough, instead of earning money, you'll end up losing more. 

Another detriment of direct sales, sometimes, when these people got so engaged in it, they forgot to prioritize things.

A very good example from my church friends, after joining A company, we seldom hang out together. To meet their monthly target, they have to constantly find new customers. They are always busy, saturday night they have their house meeting, and the youths couldn't plan anything on that day. The youth leader is the one who brought them in, their topic are mostly about business. Sunday right after church, they have to be at their customer's house doing product demonstration. 

On facebook, you can see them posting pictures of lavish cars, exquisite handbags, and many other desired valuables, they said in their comments, they want to make these things as their goal. This is totally contradicting the Christian's teachings.

This direct sale thing had totally changed their mind set. They have become materialistic, all they care about is their business, finding more and more customers to buy their overly expensive products. Youth activities are placed last in their list and they are always late for any youth activities. 

I hated it.

That's why it is crucial to have a good leader who can set a good example to lead and look after his/her lambs, or else eventually your lamb will be scattered all over the places.

Youngster out there especially SPM leavers, these sales person are targeting you because you are innocent and ambitious. Think twice before joining direct sales, because when you reach the point of no return, you'll truly regret it.

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