Friday, June 5, 2015

A Sabahan first terrifying experience: Earthquake!

Around 7.15am, as I was comfortably sitting on my sofa watching the chinese morning news, my sofa, was abruptly shaking. At first, I thought there might be some construction going on at my neighbour's house, but then, I saw my clothes rack was shaking, then my opposite neighbour's door also shaking. Then I came to realize that it was an EARTHQUAKE! Dad instantaneously called to make sure our safety. 

That short and yet alarming 10 second 6.0 magnitude earthquake just shocked the entire Sabah residents. 

Currently, everyone is making a huge fuss about it, updating their statuses in fb telling how terrified they were, what were they doing at that particular juncture, some are taking this opportunity to preach about God, some slept through the entire thing, some even make jokes about it by saying that the naked tourist at Mount Kinabalu had infuriated the Mountain Spirit, some even gone to the extent of posting 5 statuses.

I understand their feelings, as this is a brand new experience for every Sabahan. We are not used to this kind of calamity like people in Japan, China, Indonesia and recently Nepal. By the way, Ranau area was affected the worse. Thank God that no Tsunami warning was issued, guess what, my house is located right beside the beach.

However, let's just pray that current condition won't deteriorate.

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