Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Running Man, are they the real deal?

Hey, I'm back writing another post of Running Man.
Well I have so many things to express. See if I can cram all of it in one post.

I just watched the most recent episode of RM 247: Trick Gwang Soo episode. (Spoiler alert)
It was quite nice.

The RM members stormed into LKS's house without his consent.
They were doing mission of finding specific things, and Ji Suk Jin accidentally found porn in his computer. That part was really funny.

However, as the game goes on, LKS obviously noticed something fishy among the members. 

Hence, I'm not buying that LKS is tricked until the end of the episode. He would have totally discover it. I mean these members have been working together for 5 years. How could he possibly didn't discover the whole hidden camera thing?!

In Episode 60, similar to 247, the rest of the members have to trick Gary into believing that he is the spy. Gary did win the mission. However, in the last scene which he was seen smiling and walking strangely made the ending of the episode seemed ambiguous. Who is actually tricking who?

In my opinion, I'm pretty sure that Gary either knew or had discovered about it but just played along, and I think LKS just did the same.

I've been re-watching all the previous episodes of RM, and truth to be told, a lot of time, they are just purely acting, especially their exaggerated reaction of seeing the entrance of guest. Episode 162 totally revealed their acting of being surprised by guest after a short clip of the RM members practicing with the Idols was uploaded. Since then, I always have doubt whenever I watch RM.     

Anyhow, it doesn't matter if they are merely acting it or not, as a Running Man loyal fan, I will just "open one eye shut one eye" about it and always continue to support them.

More upcoming RM post, stay updated if you're a huge RM fan like me. 

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