Thursday, May 28, 2015

Inspirational Movies

Here are some inspirational movies that I gotta share with you guys.
These movies are bold, enlightening and also portraying the many taboo topics that the society often refuse to talk about.

Let's start with
1. 3 Idiots

This Indian movie surprised its audience with many funny, heart-moving, and encouraging scenes.
The story revolves around 3 college students who are facing many college life hardships.
Topics of the darker side of education was audaciously ventured.
Go watch it for yourself. It's really funny and it has a plot twisted ending.
There are lots of inspiring quotes in the movies. Ponder and remember them.

2. PK

Also starring Aamir Khan and produced by the same company, another hilarious and exceptionally inspiring movie. This time, the main theme is religion, a very sensitive topic, and yet the whole team managed to pull it off so brilliantly.

The main character, an alien embarks on a journey to find God in order to retrieve his remote control to his spaceship.The story is depicting the real situation in India, where a lot of false God existed.
Last time, a pastor from India once said, "They even have beetle as gods."
I like the movie's ost "Chaar Kadam", "Love is a waste of time" and "Nanga Punga Dost".

3. Like Stars On Earth / Taare Zameen Par

Directed, produced and starred by Aamir Khan, Like Stars On Earth tells the story of a boy with dyslexia. Dyslexia is a condition where the sufferer has trouble recognizing words, also known as reading disorder. I bet that not many people are aware of this disorder including parents. Did you know that famous people like Einstein is dyslexic? I was completely mind blown when I discovered this. This movie tells us that the impossible can become possible. Go watch it.

All these 3 Indian flicks are available in Youtube. And I have to say, Indian movies tend to be a bit longer, they like to dance and sing every now and then. So just enjoy the entire movie.

Last but not least, a non Indian inspirational flick,

4. Prayers For Bobby

Based on true story, Bobby, a young gay man, who couldn't face the homophobic family and community, was depressed and ended up killing himself. I came across this movie during a course mate's presentation on homosexuality. Since then, I'm interested in LGBT matters and also fell in love with sociology because this subject ventures into many controversial social issues. Some might deem that this is scandalous, especially among the religious ones, but I would like to say that, just watch it as an eye opener. I actually shed a tear while watching this 2 minute trailer.

Hope that you guys enjoy all these inspiring flicks.

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