Thursday, January 22, 2015

Just a little something to share

I still remember when mum first bought Hannah Montana the movie for me and my brother to watch, that sweet innocent girl immediately caught me and my brother's fancy, the lovely voice, the funny acting, everything and we watched that movie for several times. You should watch too.

Until 2 years ago, everything about this girl just make me puke. First the bizarre We Can't Stop MV, then followed by Wrecking Ball which showed her nudity from side way. I thought perhaps all these were the director's idea. Then all the provocative actions and twerking and slutty outfits on various occasions, it just gets worse.

But the recently action of hers just gone beyond my expectation. I know that your last 2 movie (So undercover and LOL) wasn't a huge success, however posting nipples on the internet is not a way to regain your popularity or ditch your disney image or avenged your hot ex-boyfriend, Liam.

This is just too much for me to digest. How can such a sweet young  girl suddenly transformed into a cranky low class shameless whore? I don't even wanna post her recent pictures. They are contaminating my eyes. Don't even go to her twitter, f words are filling up the page. 

Above screenshots are from Hannah Montana Season 2 Episode 26, 
and it had accurately predicted the future Miley. 

Miley is no difference than another Disney star Lindsay Lohan who got it and out of rehab multiple times, and actually, she's worst than Venessa Hudgens, at least Venessa felt ashamed and apologize for her leaked nude photos. Oh her co-star Mitchel Musso, was arrested for driving under the influences. What is wrong with all these Disney stars nowadays? 
Click here to see a list of Disney stars gone wild.

However, there are still good news, Miley's another co-star Emily Osment is still manage to keep her good image. Click here to see the list of Disney Star who are still good.

I don't hate you, in fact I felt pity for you Miley. 
One thing I'm pretty sure, when you grew older and look back at what you have done to yourself, you'll totally regret. 

Hope that one day, The Climb singer will come to a sudden realization that all these absurdity had to go and return to a normal humble being. Missing your long beautiful locks.

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