Thursday, January 22, 2015

Just a little something to share

I still remember when mum first bought Hannah Montana the movie for me and my brother to watch, that sweet innocent girl immediately caught me and my brother's fancy, the lovely voice, the funny acting, everything and we watched that movie for several times. You should watch too.

Until 2 years ago, everything about this girl just make me puke. First the bizarre We Can't Stop MV, then followed by Wrecking Ball which showed her nudity from side way. I thought perhaps all these were the director's idea. Then all the provocative actions and twerking and slutty outfits on various occasions, it just gets worse.

But the recently action of hers just gone beyond my expectation. I know that your last 2 movie (So undercover and LOL) wasn't a huge success, however posting nipples on the internet is not a way to regain your popularity or ditch your disney image or avenged your hot ex-boyfriend, Liam.

This is just too much for me to digest. How can such a sweet young  girl suddenly transformed into a cranky low class shameless whore? I don't even wanna post her recent pictures. They are contaminating my eyes. Don't even go to her twitter, f words are filling up the page. 

Above screenshots are from Hannah Montana Season 2 Episode 26, 
and it had accurately predicted the future Miley. 

Miley is no difference than another Disney star Lindsay Lohan who got it and out of rehab multiple times, and actually, she's worst than Venessa Hudgens, at least Venessa felt ashamed and apologize for her leaked nude photos. Oh her co-star Mitchel Musso, was arrested for driving under the influences. What is wrong with all these Disney stars nowadays? 
Click here to see a list of Disney stars gone wild.

However, there are still good news, Miley's another co-star Emily Osment is still manage to keep her good image. Click here to see the list of Disney Star who are still good.

I don't hate you, in fact I felt pity for you Miley. 
One thing I'm pretty sure, when you grew older and look back at what you have done to yourself, you'll totally regret. 

Hope that one day, The Climb singer will come to a sudden realization that all these absurdity had to go and return to a normal humble being. Missing your long beautiful locks.

Friday, January 16, 2015

First movie of the year

It has been more than half a year since I last step into the cinema, so yesterday my mum and I went CP to watch Disney's "Into The Woods". (Alert, spoilers ahead!)

I was quite disappointed with the storyline, perhaps my expectation is too high since I last watched Disney's movie "Frozen".

There's too many singing, almost all the conversations are expressed through songs, and none of the songs catches my fancy, just like Les Miserables. Oh I love Red Riding Hood's voice.

Although I love the idea of different classic fairy tales' intertwines together in a story, yet there are still some loopholes, The baker's wife died from falling off a cliff and coincidentally found by Jack , and the witch just vanished into thin air without any explanations while she is singing. (I expect the witch to be more evil and die tragically in some ways.)

I also expect to see scenes of Cinderella dancing with the prince and how Jack had stolen all those valuables from the giant, apparently it was not shown which I think due to the length of the movie.

From upper left to right
Rapunzel, Prince, Cinderella, Mr. Wolf, Baker's wife.
From lower left to right
Jack, Witch, Baker, Red Riding Hood and another Prince.

I personally rate it as 6.5/10.

Now I'm waiting for Cinderella, coming to cinema in March! Can't wait!!!
Here's the trailer link.

If you have read my previous post, you know I'm a huge fan of Cinderella, I've watched practically all of Cinderella's movies.
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Tata =)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Officially 21

Last 2 weeks ago, mum decided to throw me a birthday bash because this woman is turning to an adult! We had a good time.
Helped mummy to prepare the feast from early in the morning.

With Cousins and niece and nephew.

Thank God for these wonderful people.

Present from my mum. The key symbolizes that I'm old enough to have my own key=responsibilities.
But I'm not ready to hold any responsibilities yet =(

Oh I forgot them. My classmate gave me and Stephen a surprise birthday celebration. Thanks guys and thanks Belinda for the wonderful present. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A caretaker

Last 2 weeks ago, my popo got really ill and was admitted to Papar hospital, her blood sugar level was way below normal. My mum was in extreme lethargy after managing all the stuff for the whole day, so I offered myself to stay a night at the hospital to look after my popo. 

I couldn't sleep at night, guess what did I do? Reading the bible. I read the whole chapter of Romans. Can you believe it?! Luckily I brought along my tab, or else, I'm gonna bored to death waiting for the time to pass. The games in the tab just couldn't catch my interest. 

My popo couldn't sleep, so I tried to share the gospel to her again, but to no avail, she still refused to accept it, and just like other typical old people, they like to bring up their old stories, despite telling you a thousand times already. 

There's this notification ringtone kept on ringing at interval times, it was so annoying, other patients were trying to get some sleep, the nurses didn't take any action. I didn't know who it was, but I was so furious at this inconsiderate person who just won't let her/his phone stop ringing.

Until around 1am, the ringing stop, And I finally manage to fall asleep on the lazy chair which was brought by my mum from popo's house. 3.30 am, popo woke me up to help her to get to the toilet, so I helped her take the packet of glucose. After that I continue to read Corinthians. 

Early 5.30 in the morning, the janitors came and do their routine job, I wonder why they need to work at such wee hours? Not long after that my mum came and brought me to have breakfast. Thank God, my stomach was grumbling already.

And there goes my job as a caretaker for the first time. I felt proud to be able to help my mum ease her burden and play my role as a filial grand daughter.