Friday, August 29, 2014

Your daughter's prayer.

O Almighty Lord, Once again You've shown your daughter here hope.
Is this the answer she had been waiting for?

O Father in heaven, your daughter here is completely clueless about her future.
Everyday she is afraid of the unknown,
her mind is filled with millions of questions, and yet she still couldn't find one.

O Father, she is weak, she needs you so much that she cries everyday, this isn't what she wanted.
She wanted to be strong, just like You.
She wanted to get through all of these trials and tribulations, not on her own, but with You.

O God, please guide and lead her to her destiny.
Please reveal an answer, anything, a simple clue would help.
She promise to put faith into action, but God you gotta lead her.

O Lord, you see her cry, you see her hunger for you to help her.
Please help her. She couldn't wait any longer, she is so impatient for she had already waited for a very long time. Please grant her patience and peace in her mind. Let her have joy and happiness while waiting for Your answer.

O Father, you daughter is in desperate times. She pray that you show her purpose in her life so that she won't feel so empty in her mind anymore, which is utterly distressing every time she thought of it.

With a sincere heart, your daughter here, she pray all these in Jesus most precious name.

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