Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Imma fashionista!

I realize that I'm becoming a monthly blogger, oh lazy me...

Ok straight to the main topic.
I'm currently taking fashion design short course, it is 10 weeks long, twice a week in SIA.

I learn basic things like pattern drafting, figure drawing and handling a sewing machine.
I was taught to make a dress from scratch!
I'm tellin ya, it wasn't easy, it's now my 3rd class and I still haven't finish my blouse yet.

Pattern drafting can be really tiring as you have to keep bending your body to draw and cut out the pattern. The sewing part is fun, but can be troublesome at times, I didn't know how to control the pedal of the machine. Enough babbling, let's take a look of what I did.

Pattern drafting

figure drawing

Tada! My first blouse, I know, it has a lot of flaws, 
but hey, this is my first time! There's a first time for everything right? 
Dress making is still a long way to go. 
I'll post the complete set when it's done. 

Oh, this is just something extra, hehe, 
my mum's first attempt on curling my hair, it wasn't that bad though.

To be frank, I kinda grew fond of fashion design after attending a few classes, hopefully I'll become a successful seamstress one day =)

That's all for my monthly report. Adios!

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