Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Computer Drawing Competition

So I practically abandoned my blog for a whopping month, well apart from there's nothing to be written, I'm too lazy to write anything.

Well now here comes my inspiration and the mood to write.

As I was flipping through my primary school magazine, a nostalgic feeling just overwhelmed me so much as if I was travelling through time tunnel. I was looking at my drawings, my achievements, and then all those years just flashback in my mind.

During my school time, I join a lot of competition, especially computer drawing competition, it was a competition that you use a computer software to draw something. Well, I used Kidpix and Neo Paint. Most probably you've never heard about it because these soft wares are mostly used by chinese primary school students.

Kidpix Old Version

Kid Pix New Version 

Neopaint Old Version

Neopaint New Version
Believe me, I have used all the versions to join competition.

Here is the instruction of how the competition is carried out.

1. Around 2 months before the competition day, participants were to choose 1 topic from 3 given topics.
2. They start to create their drawings within that 2 months, or course with the help of teachers and parents.
3. Students will start practicing their drawings, and they must complete it within 30 minutes.
4. On the competition day, they'll draw what they had been practicing within 30 minutes.

After scanning all my drawings, I realized that my primary 3 and 4 drawings were not really good.
Primary 5 and 6's were better. Other than the fact that my skills are not that good initially, I think the main reason is because, primary 3 and 4 drawings were created by my teacher. Most of the elements in the drawings are their idea. My creativity wasn't unleashed completely.

So, my main point here is, parents and teachers gotta learn to let their children to explore their every possible creativity in creating a good drawing. Seriously, that was why my drawings were so different in quality and creativity when compared.

The experience was intense and yet fun and interesting. During weekends or holidays, instead of staying at home watching tv like other children, we will go to school and find ideas to compose our piece of art.Sometimes, we even got scolded by teacher for not being serious. Well you know, typical children get naughty sometimes. Sometimes, the teacher will buy something for us as well to reward our hard work. Hehe. Good memories though.

Primary 6 National Level Champion

Primary 6 State Level Outstanding Award

Primary 5 National Level 3rd Place

Primary 5 State Level  Outstanding Award 

Primary 4 National Level Consolation Prize

Primary 3 National Level Consolation Prize

Primary 6 State Level Teachers Day Drawing Competition Consolation Prize

I've been to many states since young to join the national competition. Places like Melaka, KL, Seremban, Kuching and Genting were places our competition was held. It was really fun going with a bunch of friends from different schools, we did everything together. 

However, there's nothing more intense than the pinnacle of the process of this competition, the award presentation time. Not only the students, but the teachers, parents and all those chairman of the board will be very anxious as well. Thank God, despite some of the lousy drawings, I won at least something every competition that I join. 

What a night full of unforgettable reminiscence!