Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pastor's Farewell

Last Sunday 12/1/14 was our dearest Pastor Devlin's last service in FGT KK.
The youth had prepared a wonderful show for her.

Let me narrate from the start.

Our Pastor Devlin had been serving in FGT KK for 10 years!!!
It's quite unbelievable that time can fly so fast, and now she's going back to KL to be with her family, and also to answer God's calling to do greater mission in Cambodia.
Hence, we have a new pastor coming from our mother church to lead us, Pastor Irene.

I have to say that it is not easy for a woman to leave behind everything and go to a whole new strange place to establish a church. I know that feeling.

She came here with nothing, but language barrier, she couldn't speak well mandarin, but of course with the God's mighty hand, she managed to build a church, now consisting 80 member including the children church and BM service. Though the number is not that many, however, it is still considered a great achievement.

We prepared the show for 2 weeks, I'm gonna say it's not easy, with most of the youth working and studying, it's kinda hard to find time out to practice the drama. some not very cooperative some more, but, thank God, in the end, we manage to put on a great show for pastor which made everyone laugh and tear up at the same time. 

Brian as Pastor

The cast

And now, I pray that God, with the new pastor in town, she'll learn to adapt to the surrounding and people here. Hope that we will continue to unite together as a church and extend God's kingdom.

Click here to watch final words from the youth.
Click here to watch the growth of our FGT KK for 10 years.

Enjoy =)

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