Monday, December 9, 2013

Pissed off

I'm so angry to know an incident happened to my brother today that I have to rant about it here.

So my brother and his classmate went to Tg Aru beach to do their civic project early in the morning, they have to pick rubbish. When he got back home at noon, he told us that he and another guy friend got scolded by a family because they drove their car into the beach which was not allowed and it was dangerous, and they didn't know that they couldn't go inside. So after being scolded, they apologized to the family. The family took their photos and got their names.

I had a premonition that something will happen. 
We all thought that after the apology there should be no problem. 
However, today, my bro and his friend became famous in the school thanks to one of the family member, she posted the photos on facebook, never mind that, twisted the story, called them bastards some more and spread it on facebook. All the others just merely share the exaggerated story and calling them with other nasty names. I was so on fire seeing those comments and shares.

Yes, they were wrong, and they deserve the lesson. But not this way. This had just gone way too far for us. This is an act of a bully, a gangster, a family who doesn't know what is an apology. 
And what agitated us more was, the teacher did nothing but observed from afar when they were scolded. And then, today, their counselor told them to post an apology status on their fb. They already apologize right in front of them, furthermore, they are the ones should apologize now for twisting the story.

Let me tell you how the story was twisted.

1st, their car was not inches away, but meters away from their children, and I'm pretty sure my bro will see and avoid  if there's any human being in front of them.

2nd, the person claimed that my bro them drove faster the 2nd time when they were going out of the beach, yes they drove faster, and you know why? Because they were throwing long woods towards their car. Hello! Use some common sense, who wouldn't run if you're throwing something?

3rd, The father of the family actually grabbed my bro friend's t-shirt, my bro's friend had a small figure, this showed that the father is a bully and wanted to start a fight, but then was stopped by the wife. Unfortunately no one took this scene's photo.

This picture was taken by them. Clear evidence that they were throwing woods.

They were the ones who wanted to make a big fuss out of this. In another picture, (not here), my bro was bowing down his head, indicating that he was regretful and feeling remorse for his action. Yes, youngster do make mistakes, in fact he just turned 19 a few days ago, but publicly humiliating and intimidating them are not right, and also exaggerating the story. 

May God forgive these souls who doesn't know the meaning of forgiving.
I forgive you.

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